Saturday, March 31, 2012

Kentucky, You are Beautiful

I was sending some photos to be printed yesterday and was surprised at what I stumbled onto. It's only been a couple of weeks since our visit to Kentucky and I had already forgotten how green it was...

They say the grass is always greener, but in this case it is literally true! Beautiful, right? And these photos were not edited or enhanced. What you see it what it's like just minutes outside of Lexington. I love that we'll get to enjoy living in a regular city with all of it's advantages but still have access to country life. When I envisioned raising kids it's places like these that I pictured....wide open to play...of course I never dreamed it could be this green anywhere but Ireland. 

I am looking forward to the move, but did get some news yesterday that it will be sooner than anticipated, which is really throwing me off. Originally we were told it would be some time in June which would mean the boys could finish out school before we leave. But now it's looking more like mid-May. Luckily we have our house (phew, what a relief) and it will be ready then...but there was so much left here that I was going to do. Silly things like as many trips to the beach as possible, and Sea World....and not so silly things like making sure I have time to train a replacement at work, and most importantly time with extended family.

I really want to solidify a date when we will actually be Kentucky bound. That way I can tie up all of my lose ends with a neat little bow. Until then I am in limbo. Don't you hate living in limbo?

At least when I get there I get to enjoy settling my family into this beauty...
It's even big enough to allow me to have a scrap room. (ah! so exciting!) 
See, our backyard is green as can be too.....:)

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