Friday, October 6, 2017

Don't Call It A Comeback

"Hi! Is anyone out there?????" ***she asks into the ether and hears only the sound of her own voice echoing back... "No?????" ***that echoes too. "I didn't think so." Thats ok! I'm just going to go ahead and write this anyway...




I haven't scrapped in ohhhhh, maybe a month... and before that... maybe a year.



I used to follow some people who just plain stopped posting, stopped scrapping, fell off the face of the cyber Earth and think... How could they do that??? Isn't this something we LOVE?! Why would you ever just STOP?! Like, HOW?!

Then I became one of them.

Oh. That's how.

I am the proud owner of my very own LuLaRoe boutique. I sell leggings... and other stuff... actually LOTS of other stuff. It turns out I'm pretty good at it! It turns out that it is a TON of fun too! Isn't that great news? So no time for scrapping for this old gal. ...well, I haven't MADE time, anyway. I hope to correct that and strive to find more balance in life moving forward. (story of my life.)

Why post now? After all this time?

I miss blogging too. This blog was a collection of random projects and life events over the years. It was a place where I came to write about whatever was going on. I wrote some in depth posts about my life and my ups and downs. It was therapeutic and lovely to just put it out there. Now it serves as a sort of time capsule... and I don't want to give that up.

I just want to change up what I talk write about... you know, on account of the not scrapbooking anymore. Crafts are few and far between. BUT I do have other fun things to talk write about. And I plan to do that... keep up with this a little better. Maybe once a week updates... baby steps.

Just thought I'd throw you a quick hello, and, hey girl hey. and I miss you. I'll see you again real soon! (mostly talking to myself here. Lets be real.)