Monday, February 27, 2012

It Never Rains in California

You know that saying? Well it is bull-honkey. Because it is raining right now. I think I even heard a cat and dog come down. I kinda love it. It makes me want to snuggle up in my fuzzy socks and sweat pants with a good soup...laze around...start a fire. I love it when it rains, but that's just probably because it happens so rarely.

It reminded me of a layout I made not too long ago, simple but dear to my heart...

The photo of my nieces was taken during the LA Marathon. These kids were troopers and waited at the 18th mile in the downpour to cheer me on. Now that's love! I cherish this photo because it reminds me of how much it lifted my spirits to see them...(and made me feel kinda terrible at the same time because I was worried they would get too cold!) But I also love it because they are cuddled up close together sharing an umbrella and a snack. I love that they are so close. I love that they will always have each other, no matter what, rain or shine.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Scrapbook Expo

I promised to let you all see what I got at the expo on Friday. I actually did pretty well considering that I still felt very low energy and it was this crowded....
Crazy, right?! Needless to say I did not last long.

Admittedly I was on the hunt for all of that new stuff I saw at CHA. Sadly, a lot of those items are not out yet. So I settled for this loot...:)
 There were some good deals. Prima flowers for $3, Girls' Paperie packs for $1.50, Thickers 4/ $11 So it was worth the trip and elbowing my way through the crowd. Not bad, right? Can't wait to create.

On my way home I stopped by a LSS to pick up the new Follow Your Heart line by Rhonna Farrer and My Mind's Eye. So at least I got something off of the wish list!

And I may or may not have ordered almost the entire Dear Lizzy line from Two Peas in a Bucket...including the oh so popular and super adorable date stamp! Can't wait for my package! Hey, it was free shipping, how could I resist?

Friday, February 24, 2012

Happy Moments

Still feeling kinda crappy (enough already!). I did manage to make it to the Scrapbook Expo in Anaheim for a bit, though. It was insane. I have photos and details and will share more over the weekend.
Since I am still feeling down and out health wise I don't have much else to blog about.

But....I am really excited for this upcoming online class with Studio Calico and Maggie Holmes. It's called Happy Little Moments. So glad I signed up the second I found out about it!...
 Yup. I currently own all of that yummy goodness and soon I will turn it into something like this....

If you want to join me you can still take the class and use supplies you already have on hand. If you check out Marcy Penner's blog she has a post on how to pull together your own kit for this project.

In the mean time I am going to visualize myself getting better (for the love of God!) and happy days when I feel like this....

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What?! Washi Wednesday?

You thought I forgot. Nope. Just decided that I would make washi Wednesday happen as often as I can...instead of every single Wednesday. Phew! No pressure. So I skipped last week and here I am today with a washi-filled project...

It appears as a photo mat in wild and crazy strips. I doodled on top of some of the designs...

Adding tape in this fashion is a quick, easy way to get a layout done with a nice pop of color.  No trimming or adhering required. Just tear it off, line it up, and stick it on. I like to use it in this way. You can also take a little nip out of the ends for a more finished look.

Last night was my nephew's birthday party. We went to bowl and I can say without any shadow of a doubt, my family loves to bowl! Especially Evareaux, she thought it was the best thing ever! Look at her on her tippy toes, squealing with delight.
(This photo is deceiving, but if you look closely you can see Hottie cropped mostly out on the right. She did not bowl on her own. :)

Quick update: I am still sick as a dog. Woof. This cold is no joke. We are having a big week as a family...lot's of things are do. Lot's of information is flying around. Lot's of changes in the works. So. I am hoping that I get through the weekend unscathed. Luckily for me it kicks off with a Scrapbook Expo in Anaheim, CA. I'll let you know how it goes. 

Monday, February 20, 2012

Age Doesn't Mean a Thing

I'll admit while I was pregnant with my daughter I worried from time to time that the age difference between her and her oldest brother was just too great. 13 years apart is really something. But now I see all that worry was for nothing...

They could not adore each other more. He is remarkably wonderful with babies and toddlers....and she is a remarkable toddler. They are so cute together. They make each other giggle and smile...and they miss each other when he's gone. Right now he is at his Mom's house for the extended weekend. Yesterday she said, "Mom? Get shoes on? Go get Aidan?" So cute. I can't wait to see her light up when he gets home later. I am so grateful for their close relationship. Hopefully it will stay this way forever.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Right Now

I've seen people do this around the blog-o-sphere and think it's a pretty cool little peek into their life. Plus my brain is zapped and I wanted to blog but couldn't think of what to include. So here it goes.

Right Now I am:

Feeling: Sick. I have a cold that is kicking my booty this weekend. Boo to that.
Listening: to Nakiah talk to himself as he plays video games.
Wearing: pj's all day, all weekend
Wanting: time to check items off of the to-do list
Needing: to make a plan for diet and exercise
Looking: forward to feeling better and getting energy back. (soon I hope)
Thinking: about all of the changes our family will go through in the next year
Enjoying: the flowers still around the house from Valentine's day
Wondering: when my next vacation will be
Reading: Game of Thrones, book three. So good!
Eating: way too much junk and not enough veggies
Drinking: water, water, coke zero, water
Starting: project life. I have something worth capturing every week all of the sudden. TYL.
Stopping: biting my fingernails (let's hope this time it lasts)
Participating: in the February photo-a-day challenge on Instagram. Follow me @ elz10

Here's the challenge...
 Here are some of mine...
2. Words
 6. Dinner
 see! junk!
9. Front Door
10. Self Portrait
 12. Inside Your Closet.
 16. Something New
 17. Time

This challenge is a lot of fun. Every day I find myself looking forward to what I need to photograph. Another cool thing is that on the Instagram app you can search #febphotoaday and see what other people are posting for their challenge. It's fun to see how creative people can be. 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Serenity Now

I have to admit. This week has been tricky. I could go into details. Or, I could just simply say that I have a LOT going on...and that unfortunately some things are slipping through the cracks. But. When this happens and I find that I am having a bad attitude about it I try to check myself before I wreck myself. Sometimes shouting "serenity now" seems to help (if any of you are Seinfeld and Mr Costanza fans you know what I am talking about).

Right now I feel like this photo of Ev sums up my feelings for the week...
I can't help but think, "Go ahead, make my day," every time I see it. (That's a nerf gun she's holding.)

Ok. I am off to tackle the lose ends that are weighing on my mind. Or maybe take a nap and just take care of me. Hmmm. I'll keep you posted.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

love, love, love

I just can't help it. I love this holiday. Yes, it is a Hallmark occasion. Yes, restaurants jack up their prices (which is why Hottie and I do not dine out on the 14th.) and are overcrowded. Yes, cut flowers die after only a few days. Yes, I still love it. I just can't help myself! I guess maybe it's just because I know I am loved, and I know I have something to celebrate.

Because I have this guy...
(Get ready for over the top mushy musings..)
He is so good at making me feel loved, every single day.
My happiness is very important to him.
He is a fantastic father.
He is super Hot,capital H. Obviously.
He has a fantastic sense of humor.
He doesn't take himself too seriously.
He is a very hard worker.
Family is important to him.
He wants twins. Girls. (SO he is nuts.)
He is like McGuyver in the kitchen. It. Is. Awesome.
He is not a big complainer.
He is fun to be around.
He encourages me to follow my dreams.
(He supports my scrap addiction.)
He doesn't get angry or lecture me when my iphone turns up like this...
He is the cheese to my macaroni.
He is the sand to my ocean.
He is the reason I have such a great life.
I could go on, but I will save it for him.
Simply put, I just love this man, and I feel so loved in return.

I felt like it was high time I made a layout professing my feelings...
Journaling says: Even if I said it a million times it still wouldn't be enough to convey how much I love you. I feel lucky to have you in my life every single day. You are my perfect love.

This is one of my favorite all time photos of Hottie, because of the memories attached. We were in the airport coming home from Jamaica where we honeymooned. He looks so relaxed and happy (which he usually is) but on a whole other level. It makes me smile. I'm glad I finally scrapped it.

I love to decorate for Valentines day as well. It's so much fun!

Am I the only love nerd who decorates? 
Am I the only one who gets suckered into the love-fest?
Am I the only one who buys flowers for their husband?

Sunday, February 12, 2012

I Still Do

Since it is so close to the day of love I figured I should show you something in that theme. I got married about three and a half years ago but hadn't made any layouts about the occasion until recently. Maybe it was because these photos were just so precious to me...I didn't want to commit them to a project and then not really like the results. I finally took the leap the other day and I am pleased with the outcome.

"I Do..."
This is by far my favorite photo from that day. We are both so relaxed and laughing freely. He still makes me smile. He still makes my heart swoon. He is still someone I would say, "I do," to over and over again. 

Friday, February 10, 2012

Days Like These... *edited*

Check out my current favorite layout.

"Days like these"...
Removed for Publication
(wouldn't you know it the day after I blogged this it got chosen for publication!)

Lately I have been trying to focus on the little things. I tend to get swept away in the busy-ness and frustrations of life. Overall I think of myself as a positive upbeat person...but I have my moments. Like last night when I was helping my 4th grader with his Mission report and had been up since 3am to work. I was not so patient and he was not so focused. Needless to say this did not go as well as it should have. I hate to admit this but I'm still shocked we didn't both end up in tears.

It's easy to get caught up in the stress, anxiety, and must-do's in life. I have make myself focus more on the wonderful moments around me. I have a pretty cool life in a lot of ways. And I do have the opportunity to enjoy and appreciate the little things and collect happy times.

Like the other day at the park.
Evareaux just lights up with pure joy every time she gets on a swing...
 Aidan is so, so, so good with her and that warms my heart to think about...
 I loved watching them play and even had to put down the camera to join in on the slide races...
 Even her electric shock slide hair makes me happy....

So. It's the little things. The simple days spent at home or doing things with each other. Nothing fancy or expensive or stressful. Just us....and of course my camera. :)

(BTW: Nakiah is not pictured because while we were killing time at the park he was at basketball practice.....don't worry, I am not holding a grudge over the report struggle last night....but he did drive me a little bonkers. just saying.)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Washi Wednesday

What is not to love about washi Wednesday? Each Wednesday I will try to show you a new project featuring my biggest product love affair....washi/decorative tape. For some reason or another I can't seem to keep my hands off of it. Hm, maybe I will narrow that down and share next week. What makes it so irresistible to me? Why do I have such a crush on using the sticky stuff on every. single. layout? I will did deeper and report back.

This weeks layout is fittingly titled, "Things I Love, Right Now." (Hey, it is February and I am trying to keep in the love theme here, people.)....not surprisingly, washi made the list.
Each patterned strip on the left is a different tape. I love that they come in different widths. 

I also still have googly eyes for the Crate Paper, Paper Heart line. Those letters are so darling and the turquoise heart paper needs to be hoarded and used to cover my bedroom wall. It makes me smile for some reason...oh, I know why, it's two things I love: blue and tiny hearts. done and done.

This page came together in less than 45 minutes. As soon as I had the tape in place I knew it would provide a nice line up for journaling of some sort. That's when I thought of compiling a spur of the moment list of my loves. Obviously, I love my husband and children (most days...hehe, totally kidding....if they are reading this, that is....he). I wanted to include things that weren't so generic and obvious. It's almost as if a stranger could see this layout and gain a little insight into who I know, a total sugar crazed, dancing, singing, weirdo who never wants to work. And it will serve as a nice time never know, maybe next year I will give up sugar (ok, I lied. That will never happen.) But, you get what I mean.

What have you been up to with your washi?

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

CHA Photo Fun

Ok. I am all CHA-ed out. (I have so many other things going on lately and I want to share!) So I am getting the final tidbits out into the blogosphere today. These are just cool things I encountered around the show. It really is such an inspiring atmosphere. Not only do you get an amazing opportunity to meet some scrappy idols....but there are these stunning displays and eye candy around every corner.

So get ready, I'm just going to post all of the fun photos...

My first CHA was a real trip. For someone like me who became a new designer member, and participated in the designer showcase for the first time it can be overwhelming. And I'm sure I made some rookie when I handed a manufacturer of washi tapes my business card that had washi tape-that was not his-on it....(which I then immediately peeled off and replaced with some of his, right in front of him and then said, "see, yours looks much better.") hehe he. nice recovery. nice. But that's to be expected. Maybe next CHA I'll be slightly less clueless.

I also got to hang with some super awesome people! 
(My scrappy heroes!)...
Like Amy Tan...
hahaha look how happy I am. What a nerd.

Thanks to one very special and super silly Suzy Plantamura I was able to rub elbows with a lot of the Creating Keepsakes dream team members....and, editors for the magazine! Woo hoo! (I wish I would have taken more photos with people. But, there is something to be said for living in the moment.) Hopefully I made a good impression because it would be a dream to have more of my layouts published in their wonderful publication.

I feel like this is what someone like me should attend CHA make great contacts, get their name and face out there, meet their idols and people they want to be when they grow the eyes and ears for the best new products and trends in the industry....forge relationships with manufacturers. It's all happening. Overall I would say my first CHA experience was a success. I have so many professional goals in this industry. I feel like I began to chip away at that big mountain during the show. Chasing a dream can not be compared to any other feeling in the world. There is something to be said for just jumping right in. I've never really been a, "dip my toe in the pool to test the water," kind of person anyway. This CHA was my canonbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllll!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Winter CHA 2012 *Part 2*

I know it is the day of "the big game" and everything, but I still have scrapping on my mind. And I have some more from "the big convention" to show you. :) So here goes, more from the "Love list.


I can't get enough of seeing this new line from Dear Lizzy and American Crafts called Neapolitan....
 Look at that ruffle paper and flutterbys!...
 Super cute lollies...
 My heart skipped a beat when I saw all of the trim and stamps and buttons, etc...

That stamp! With the dates and sayings! I must. own. that. immediately.

 The patterned paper is all so darling. I am inspired by the ice cream shop colors and patterns...

Obsessed. Seriously, obsessed. Seeing it all in person just made it worse. And can I just say that Elizabeth Kartchner is so sweet and lovely in person? She took the time to chat with me a bit and I took the time to gush about how much I love her line...cuz I am a big scrap nerd and just couldn't help myself. Oh yeah, I TOTALLY geeked out. Oh, and by the way she is SO pretty! It's not right. ;) I think I want to be her when I grow up (hehe. See, I am such a nerd!)

Moving on to a booth where I was slightly less dorky while observing...
Studio Calico. I first fell in love with each of their new lines when they did online reveals before the show. My feelings were the same when I saw it at the show. The projects that were displayed in the booth were out of this world spectacular. So cool. That design team is epic.

Look at these "potty" people!...
The stamps! Swoon!

Cameras!? Yes, cameras.

The badges are all must haves as well.
There were so many great products in this release. I wish I could show you all of the things I loved. But, it would take over my whole blog. So please just take my word for it. It is all awesome. so awesome

Another line that caught my eye was by My Mind's Eye and Rhonna Farrer..

 I pulled these photos from their site because the photos I took at the show just didn't do the products justice. (Hate that terrible indoor show floor lighting.) Both lines are super pretty and soft and the embellishments are so sweet...

Basic Grey had it going on at the show....
They have these ready to go canvases with lovely black outlines and designs....
and you can take the paper and embellishments and fill in the gaps as you see fit...
 Pretty, right?! There are so many possibilities...
 This was in the booth (I am a sucker for a good hot air balloon)...
 These fabric buttons and elements are just my type...

 More canvas action....soooooo pretty!....
 Wow-worthy flowers to match each new line....
 and look at these little critters. My little monster would love to get their hands on these...

Echo park was dressed to impress with these new items...
I especially loved the Note to Self collection...

They also had two versions of "This n' That" collections. Those deserve honorable mention.

Lawn Fawn is so fabulous. Look at that display!...
 They came out some other great things in addition to new stamps. The thing I am most excited about is this trim. It comes on a nice little dispenser card.....
Of course I couldn't help but drool over their new stamps as well...
Here are my two must haves...

There is also a set that has background hearts and musical notes. That one may just jump into my cart as well. :)

Last but certainly not least on the love list is Crate Paper. 
Now, you all know that I am a total sucker for Crate. This is no exception...
The story teller collection is going be used to tell many of my stories, for sure...
 Pretty Party strikes my fancy...
 I already to you about the decorative tape. (Can't wait!) But the Brads are simply lovely as well.

I love it all

Alright that does it for the "Love list" this time around. I do have a few more things to share about CHA and I will do that in the next couple of days. Then I can move on with my life! SO much goes on at the show. It was hard to know where to start sharing with you! ;) I also want to post what I have been working on lately. I've been a scrappin fool! Does anyone else wish they could just stay home and scrap all day instead of watching the "super" game? I did that one year and it was awesome. But, alas, I have been invited to my Mother in law's house. So to Grandmother's house I will go. Maybe I'll see an inspiring commercial or something. You never know.