Tuesday, April 12, 2016

More and Less

 Hey there. I am slacking on the blogging thing. (as usual) So I thought I'd do a little update-a-rooni about what I hope to do more/less of in the coming month. The list is long (because I am nothing if not hard on myself) but here are just a few...

More veggies and clean, healthy eats...

Less of this sugary deliciously delightfully powerfully addictive junk I love so much...

More playing with the kids...like, really playing.

Less of them begging for stuff..

More dancing (always more dancing) (sometimes even on skates in front of a crowd.)...

Less of the falling stuff. (yep, that's me, falling on my @$$ in the center, ruining everything.)

More working on fairly low cost home decorating stuff...

Less adding things to that list and not crossing anything off.

More cutting myself a break. Less harsh self talk.
More self care. Less excuses.
More doing. Less planning.  
More energy. Less naps. ahhh, naps.

The list goes on.
What do you need more/less of in your life?

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Citrus Twist Kit April Scrapbook Kit: Part Deux

Dudes! More Citrus Twist April kit pages coming at cha. Feast your eyeballs.

So there! What do you think? 

Ok. So. beyond that... I have a real life-ing post coming soon. I can feel that itch to come clean and it's going to happen... as soon as I get a bit of time and space to compose it. See you soon. 

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Citrus Twist April Scrapbook Kit

Guess what? It's a new month. Guess what that means? New kits! Here is the Citrus Twist April Scrapbook kit (which is the one I worked with for this month.) You can buy it here, along with all of the other beautiful kits.

Here's one I made using the main kit only..

 Here are a couple of pages using the Scrapbook and Embellishment kits.. 

I had SO much fun making these things that I just kept going and going. In fact, in addition to these pages, I made one for a sketch this month AND two full PL spreads. Yes! That's right, I said two FULL spreads! I am such an overachiever! I'll be back to share the pocket life pages soon..