Tuesday, April 12, 2016

More and Less

 Hey there. I am slacking on the blogging thing. (as usual) So I thought I'd do a little update-a-rooni about what I hope to do more/less of in the coming month. The list is long (because I am nothing if not hard on myself) but here are just a few...

More veggies and clean, healthy eats...

Less of this sugary deliciously delightfully powerfully addictive junk I love so much...

More playing with the kids...like, really playing.

Less of them begging for stuff..

More dancing (always more dancing) (sometimes even on skates in front of a crowd.)...

Less of the falling stuff. (yep, that's me, falling on my @$$ in the center, ruining everything.)

More working on fairly low cost home decorating stuff...

Less adding things to that list and not crossing anything off.

More cutting myself a break. Less harsh self talk.
More self care. Less excuses.
More doing. Less planning.  
More energy. Less naps. ahhh, naps.

The list goes on.
What do you need more/less of in your life?


  1. Ugh. I so need Less sweet stuff. I'm totally addicted to sugar! I tried to resist it today but then they had free donuts in the break room at work!

    1. Sugar might as well be crack where I'm concerned. I'm always jonesing... and free donuts are my biggest kryptonite!

  2. I need to see layouts using roller derby photos! My daughter plays with FCDG and I have oodles of pics but no ideas!

    1. Oh! I will have to work on this! I have only done a couple of them and that was some time ago!