Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Project Life: February

Today I'm keeping up my end of the agreement to post monthly installments of my Project Life pages. If this is your thing, you're in luck, here's all of February! If not... keep it moving because you're about to be overloaded with a flood of pocket pages.. a tsunami, if you will... no, a pocket-nami. You're welcome. ;)

February 2-8 full.



February 9-15 full.



February 16-22 full.



February 23-28 full.


Below you'll see a pocket with updates about what our 18 year old, Aidan, is up too. Pictures of him are few and far between more than ever these days... well, because he's a teenager, and is thus never home.. except to sleep and shower and work on his guns and sometimes even babysit (yes!).. nonetheless I try to keep up with him in the pages. It's important.


So there you have it... a plethora of pocket... a poopoo platter of projects life-ing... and I clearly got up way too early today. See you soon. Scrap on, scrappers!

Thursday, March 19, 2015


Hello! When I said it was Makes Me Happy Week, I guess I meant week(s). and when I said I'd explain why I was doing these posts by tomorrow, I meant four days later. :) Sometimes you just have to go with it.

So here's the explanation... you all know (cuz you read every word I write, right? hehe) that last year for my One Little Word I chose: Resolve.  oye. It really was the perfect word for getting through 2014. It took a tremendous amount of resolve to plow forward and trust and put a lot of work into action, and all that... but sometimes I would look at the word posted on my wall and I'd feel like, what a bummer man! It was certainly my reality at the time.. but I thought, this is my life? yuck.

In the interest of completely switching gears for 2015 and moving forward into a better place (you've probably guessed it. Or maybe you got bored and stopped reading three paragraphs ago)... I decided that 2015 is all about happy. finding happy. being happy. embracing happy. happy in even the crappiest of days. happy, happy, happy. There's always room for it. I want to grab onto happy with both hands and never ever ever never let it go again. (too intense?) ;) I want to milk every ounce of happy out of every single second I can in every single possible moment. (yeah, intense and kinda creepy.) oh well, you get the point.

Depression is still a prevalent issue in my day to day. I've taken a lot of steps to work through it. I'm going to counseling, doing the work, etc. Still, I'm not gonna lie, it's a challenge.. but you know what? you can't keep a good dog down... and I don't want to let the dark clouds that roll in keep me from looking for the happy in every day. The word helps. It refocuses me, reminds me of the goal I have to seek happiness this year. So there you have it!

Here's a layout I made as a little reminder...

What's your word?

Sunday, March 15, 2015

A List of Happy

I'll explain why I did this Makes Me Happy Week tomorrow... theres a reason, I swear.  But for now I felt like putting together a random little list of things that make me happy. Just off of the top of my head, free flow style. I'm sure I'll miss a lot of stuff, but let's see what comes out.

Things that make me happy

petting soft puppy ears
exposing the kids to old movies and music
date nights with Hottie
skates on my feet
a clean house (that I didn't have to clean)
warm blankets
a good nights sleep
baths so hot I look like a lobster after
phone calls w/ my sister
the way Dez asks for hugs
reading books in silly voices to Ev
the way Nakiah will talk endlessly when we're alone
Sunday family movies
saving money
feeling good about myself
smashing tough workouts
crazy hair colors
great tv
new scrap supplies
old photographs
hard work
letting loose and having fun
time to myself
a loving and supportive husband
good books
clearance racks
trying new things
everything crossed off the to do list
going to Target.. alone!
hosting a full house for a holiday
working with my hands
giggling with the kids

Wow! and that's just what came out in my 2 minute exercise! What sort of things make you happy?

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Roller Derby Makes Me Happy

This photo says it all...

While all of my league mates are flexing their super cut biceps, or showing their best grrrr face, there's me... smiling.. more than that, laughing (true story: I'm laughing in this photo because the photographer had asked me to turn my face in the other direction for a couple of shots. Then as soon as I did she said, "Oh! No! Nope, turn back the other way.. that's definitely your good side." For some reason I found that absolutely hilarious. I never knew I had a good side, and apparently a very bad side!) But I love this photo because it's exactly how I feel inside when I play derby... giddy like a child. 

Teammates have blatantly asked me, what the heck is wrong with you?? Every time I hit you as hard as I can you say, Yes! Good! Do it again, harder! My answer: I can't help it, I just love it! I love the competition in every single moment of a jam. I love the challenge of skating your heart out, and leaving every ounce of energy on the track. I love the physicality, the camaraderie. The fact that after bouts I feel like I've been hit by a Mac truck, but I also have that satisfying feeling of having kicked some serious butt. I was made for this sport. I truly believe that. It suits people who have strong bodies, stronger minds, and play with all their heart. It makes me so happy to have found it, and to have a family (special shout out to Hottie.. couldn't do it without your unwavering support, babe.) who supports it.
(There's me, with the star.)

I'm surprised I haven't shared much about how my second season is going on the blog. I've sat down a number of times to write about what's going on.. but I guess I never found the words. The truth is that this season could not be going any better. (maybe I'm afraid to write that in case I'll jinx it?) 

I've been placed on the A/B teams as a chartered skater. That means I am an All-Star (yeah, you heard it.. All Star!! whoa!), part of HazMat Crew (B teams name) :), and chartered (which means I am designated as a top 20 skater in our league who can then compete against other teams in the nation for rankings.) I'm working my tail off to keep my charter spot, and have also been voted in as HazMat co-Captain. I'm all in... and that's perfect for me too. I'm improving every single practice.

I have big goals for this season, and the determination to make them happen. Our league is flourishing, our teams are gel-ing, and I have a front row seat. The end of the month marks our first tournament (and my first time to New York!). I'll play with both the All-Stars and HazMat... possibly several games in 36 hrs. I smile just thinking about that. Sure, I'm nervous. It's a lot of pressure... a lot for a body to handle.. a lot of unknowns. But this is what I was made for... and it makes me so super happy to be able to play and push the limits to realize my full potential.

 Oh! And I won this at my last bout! (a snow-globe trophy. how cool is that?) 

So, I'm done tooting my own horn now. :) Thanks for indulging my Makes Me Happy week thus far.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Art Makes Me Happy

I now proclaim this: Makes Me Happy Week (explanation to follow). Today I start with art. Anything art related makes me happy. Everything in the art world fuels me, like creative sustenance for the soul. I can't overstate this. I see art in everything around me, everyday, and it makes me very happy to think about.

So when my roller derby league had it's second annual Art Auction Fundraiser I just knew I had to make something for it! It took me quite some time to decide what that would be. It's hard to narrow down what you want to contribute when your art interests in that area are so vast... but I knew I wanted to make something that no one else would think of... and something that would hopefully sell. Lets be real, my main goal was to make two pieces that would sell. (I was 100% nervous that they wouldn't!)

Being an artist, (still so cool that in life I can call myself that.. I dreamed about being an artist since I was 5) I find myself wanting to try new things. I've been wanting to try my hand at string art for quite some time. In fact the piece of wood below has been in my garage for over a year, waiting for me to stop being lazy put it to use. Now was the time. This is what I made... (sorry for the not great photo.. this is it on the wall of the gallery after it sold)

Yes! It sold!! Not only did it sell, but at $200, it was the highest selling piece of the evening. WOW! Talk about great big, warm my heart, all fuzzy inside, feelings! All kinds of people were complimenting it, and asking if they could commission their own. (uh, yes! Mama needs new skates! Custom orders are welcome!) No, really. I need new skates in a bad way and they're around $700. Please, throw money at me and I will make whatever you want!

And since the typography, handwritten stuff is so hot right now.. and I just happen to be pro at lettering (I literally had a job for years where all I did was hand write signs for Trader Joe's) (thus, totally pro).. I made these with sayings which apply to the league. They sold in a set of four, for $90. yaya! (sorry again for the rotten photo. I really didn't plan on sharing here.. cuz I thought they might not sell! haha)

So this made me think.... why am I not making more art? I mean, I had a ball working on these things. Even if they didn't sell (thank you, baby Jesus, they sold. phew. I told you I was nervous)... I enjoyed just the act of pushing myself outside of my little scrapbook bubble, and being artsy and fartsy. I used to do this a lot more when I was a Trader Joe's artist (I mean, obviously. It was my job.).. but lately it's really been missing in my life. and I forgot how happy it makes me to just be making art. 

So I bought a sketch pad, some calligraphy stuff, and some new markers. And I've started a little art journal. Somewhere to get out a few doodles a day, or fill with project ideas that will never be completed. and now that's making me happy too... and that's the real goal (more on that throughout the week.)

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Another Day, Another Layout

Popping in today to share another recent layout. I've been scrapping a lot of Dez lately... I mean, look at him, how could I resist? He's pretty much the cutest thing ever. I may be biased. You be the judge..

Especially in his bright yellow skinny jeans. I mean, come on!

There are quite a few ideas for blog posts swirling around in my brain lately..  I haven't made the time to really sit down to write and share what's up around here. It's all been pretty surface stuff, and you know I like to get into the nitty gritty every now and again. So stay tuned... or run screaming and never come back...  see you soon. ;)

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Your Hand & Mine

This photo has been sitting on my desk for a long time, waiting for inspiration. It's about time I put it on a layout and into an album! I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. Sometimes it's worth the wait.

I remember taking the photo almost a year ago. I had gone through a series of days where I was just low, low, low... was sitting on the couch, not wanting to move... and Dez climbed up next to me, snuggled up, and gently laid his hand in mine. It was so sweet I almost cried (I probably cried). Sometimes babies just know when their Mommy needs a little TLC. Having his tiny hand in mine gave me so much comfort. I never want to forget that. 

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Paper Camellia March Reveal

It's the first of the month, and you know what that means! Reveal time over at Paper Camellia. The kits are fab. I may or may not have had to get my grubby little paws on the Everyday Life kit as well. I'll show you the layouts I made with those gems later on.

Here's a peek at the main Scrapbook kit:

and the Everyday Life kit:

Stop by Paper Camellia today to see the full kits, plus add-ons. There's even a gorgeous album available for purchase this month. Just keep in mind that these kits sell like hotcakes! So if you're thinking about making a purchase, you butta get on it! (see what I did there? it's a pun. you're welcome.) (also, who doesn't like hotcakes?)

Here are two of the projects I made with the March main kit...

Remember to stop by the Paper Camellia blog for a peek at what the rest of the design team made.. and check out the Design Team Gallery as well. So cool to see how everyone used these products!