Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to my best friend in the whole wide world.

Wishing you the happiest of days... you deserve it. Love you.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Preschool Fashion

Is there anything more awesome about having a preschooler then observing what kind of cockamamie outfits they are going to come up with from day to day? My daughter is a nut when it comes to her clothes. She is all about Woody and Buzz shirts, striped pants (if I can talk her into keeping her pants on, that is), anything Minnie or Mickey and totally inappropriate attire for whatever weather might be.  

Yesterday she even put on panties over her leggings (but I blame roller derby for that.) (sadly I did not snap a photo.)

Although I would love nothing more than dressing her in endless dresses and tutus and glitter and leggings with adorable boots (don't judge, she's my only girl) I had to give up the ghost. She has a mind of her own (darn it) and that means she has her own fashion sense (or nonsense)... so I pretty much let her dictate the wardrobe and guide her when I can ("Evareaux, you have to wear pants to school.")... and let the occasional jammy day or princess costume slide. (her hair is a whole other issue that most days I'm not willing to tackle.) I'm sure I'll look back on these days fondly and long again for preschool fashion moments.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

I Got 99 Problems but Derby Ain't One

So I know I haven't been blogging a lot... and when I do it's about my own personal stuff that's going on and not as much about scrapping... and I fully intend on getting back to the scrappy crap soon (because I really love that scrappy crap and talking to you all about it)... but I just had to share something.... because it is fresh and, well, it's making me really happy.

I got to do something tonight that I have been dreaming of doing for the past 10 years. Something that deep down I didn't ever really think I'd be able to make happen. I tried out for my local roller derby team.

It was incredibly physically challenging. It was intimidating. It took every ounce of my strength and willpower and stamina. and it was amazing... seriously incredible. I almost want to cry right now I am so happy. I feel like the past few years there has been a little slice of my happy pie missing. I couldn't really figure out what that was. I tried to fill it in with running and races and other physical activities but it was never quite a perfect fit. My heart wasn't all in on those things... not every time.

I can honestly say that derby is different. I can already tell it's my slice of happy. Every time I've set foot (or rather, skate) on that track I have been amazed by how exhilarating it is... and it's only the beginning.

I know full well that tryouts are only the tip of the derby ice berg. I understand that I have a LONG way to go with my skills and knowledge of the game.... but I can already tell that I am going to want to eat, sleep, and breathe this sport..... and I can say whole heartedly, "bring it on."..... and please let me make the team!

(practicing. so fast I'm blurry. haha. not really.)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

California Knows How to Party

Where have I been?

California, thanks for asking.

I was visiting my most favorite person on the planet Earth.
(sorry to all of you other people...)

I wanted to see my big sis. and her adorable kidlets. and her husband. and her gigantic dog. (Great Dane Charlie.)

Here are some snapshots of the action.......

babies first beach trip (he was just impressed with the towel)
cuddles with the cousins
giggles with the cousins
bottles from the cousins
snuggles with the cousins (the girls were captivated by Dez)
shop-shopping with my sis in shoe and ROSS heaven (she can seriously rock the crap out of a floppy hat people. take lessons.)
tasty vegetarian meals
LA county art museum
Wonder Woman costumes
waking up to little faces staring at Dezmonds every move
babies first Picasso
a huge ass elevator and soft shoe (strange, I know)
Square Cat Skate Shop
In N Out
slurpees bigger than our heads (that we couldn't even drink half of)
space on the plane
Dez deciding that its a good time to work on the whole crawling thing.
getting the best compliment ever from my brother in law...("So, I guess since you're 3 for 3 on the amazingly happy and well behaved babies thing we have to stop calling it a fluke and just admit it's good parenting.") haha.
coffee talk just us girls in a quiet house
soccer games and ballerina outfits
Dezmond meeting more family

Such a fun visit that went by in the blink of an eye. I wish I could have had some more time with my sister and that the rest of our family could have made the trip... but sometimes you get what you get and you don't throw a fit, you know?

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Call Me Crazy

I am in love with this thing called Roller Derby.

Last weekend I went to a bootcamp held here in Lexington by the Rollergirls of Central Kentucky (or R.O.C.K.). It. Was. Awesome. I will say that I can now fully comprehend why they call it "bootcamp"... it was no joke. They threw every single derby skill at us in a matter of two days. We skated for a total of 8 hours and did things like hip checks, wips, jumping cones, skating backwards, falling (on purpose), skating in a pack, time trials. At the end of the second day I felt like I had run 20 miles. Every single inch of my body was sore.... in the best way. 

(Wish I would have taken some photos... but honestly I was too busy making sure I didn't bust my ass.)

I can easily say that I've been bitten by the derby bug. It's something I have wanted to try for years and I'm so glad that I am chasing this dream now. The group of women that I met at bootcamp could not have been more encouraging or helpful or nice. Honestly, I feel like I have found my perfect fit... a tough physical and mental challenge and a great network of awesome people. I try out for the team on the 27th of this month, and am crossing all my fingers and toes that I can make it.....

Oh, and did I mention that I have only been on rollerskates a handful of times... in my entire life? So, not only am I learning about this crazy (and by crazy I mean awesome) sport... I'm also learning to skate. Wish me luck!

Thumb update: At some point during the first half of Saturday I fell forward putting all of my weight on my thumb (thank goodness for wrist guards)... it was pointing straight up towards the ceiling and I thought, "oh bummer, I broke my thumb." Then I popped it back down to where it should be and kept going. It hurt like hell but I figured as long as it didn't swell too much and I could bend it some I would finish out the camp and deal with it later... and I did. Luckily xrays showed no break. (YAY!) The doc thinks I dislocated it and put it back properly... just wanted to update you since I know I mentioned it before. It's bruised and extremely sore but should heal fine in the next couple of weeks.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Cousins and a small panic attack

Pretty much the only bummer about moving to Lexington has been how much I miss being surrounded by family. Luckily I have a trip planned later this week to see my older sister in Cali (just me and Dez.. but, seriously, how crazy am I flying solo with a baby?) Anyway. We do have family in Virginia, which you know about. So every once in a blue moon we load up the car and drive the 6 plus hours to see each other.

Last time we were there we managed to get a group shot of the cuzzies that were there, so I scrapped that the other day....

I used the Studio Calico Spencer's kit. Pretty much just cut that paper into random sized banner pieces layered them and slapped on some embellishments. Went with my gut. Easy breezy.

Sorry if this post is a bit discombobulated... I attended Roller Derby bootcamp both days this past weekend (holy AWESOME, Batman.) and so I skated for 4 hours straight each day (and I have only been on roller skates like four other times in my life)(and my body feels like it ran 20 miles)... and I have a full blown cold (thank you, Hottie.)... aaaaand I am 99% sure that I broke my right thumb (the important one, since I'm right handed). So. Needless to say I am a bit preoccupied by what this all means for the rest of my week and traveling with a babe. (lord help me. serenity now, and all that.) Can't wait to update you all on the derby thing. I have so much to say about it.... but will wait until I have news on my thumb.

Friday, April 12, 2013


This one....
has had trouble written all over her lately.

They say "terrible twos," I'm calling bs. For little miss Evareaux it's more like 3 and a halfs, and I would use a much stronger word  than "terrible".....

She has been a reeeeeeeeal sassafras lately...... as evidenced in this picture....

While my Mom was visiting Ev had the fit/tantrum/disobedience of a lifetime.... in a dressing room. Suffice it to say that I have never been more embarrassed of her. EVER. I had to literally drag her out of the mall kicking and screaming for dear life. Seriously, her the screams were so epic people looked at me like I was kidnapping... and all I could think was, "no, I'm not stealing her... this little monster is allll mine.... sigh."

Whoever said girls are way harder than boys was right (my Mother in law said that... Sue. You were SO right!) 

The other day I was working on this layout....
 I walked away for a second and she turned it into this.....

She'll be four in less then a month and I am hoping and praying and crossing all of my fingers and toes that she will snap out of this sassy phase and into one where she is more sweet, more regularly. I mean, I have some of the best moments ever with her... ones where I'm so happy to be her Mom that I am convinced my heart is going to burst out of my chest. Then two minutes later she's a disaster! Somethings gotta give. 

I also feel like it's compounded by the fact that my hands are so full right now..... I am constantly multitasking... like right now... I am writing this post while filling out her bday invites... while waiting for the spaghetti to cook.. while listening to the baby on the monitor.. while printing out my roller derby waivers... I mean, how do you fit preventing toddlergeddon in that to-do list?!

aaaaaaand. to wind this up, just now Nakiah called down the stairs, "Evareaux, it's dinner time!" and she shouted back, "NO! NEVVVVER!" Then she ran over, dumped all of her spaghetti on to the table to eat with her face and hands and then wiped her saucy hands all over Nakiahs sleeve. yeah, awesome. Hey, I heard there is a book out there with a title "Three Year Old: Friend or Enemy"... maybe I should check it out... hopefully there is not a need for a four year old version...... please, say there's not.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Anthropologie Workshop

You all know how I LOVE the store Anthropologie. (but can't afford to buy any thing in there. still.) You know that I am drawn to the beautiful clothing, the way it is set up as if you are walking through a home from room to room. You all know I have attempted to move in to more than one of the locations. (i wish i could.) Well the other day while I was window shopping I stumbled upon this gem...

Display workshop? One of a kind crafting? I get to make something that will be a part of one of their elaborate and beautiful displays?! Sign me up! (and I did.) Can't believe that this actually happened to fall during one of Ev's school times.... and my Mom was in town so she watched the baby (and by watched I mean, let him pass out while playing under his jungle.) so I could go kid free. Which turned out to be a really great thing because I could have accidentally hot glued my baby, and that would not be such a pretty display after all. (i digress.)

I won't bore you with too much of the details about how the set up was super fancy shmancy, or how the other ladies I met were so super cool that I instantly wanted to Instagram stalk them, or how an afternoon (really only about 1&1/2 hrs) of time away doing something I never thought I'd be able to take part in (speaking of Instastalking.. I am always ooo-ing and awe-ing at their event photos), in one of my favorite places, was like a taste of heaven.

But I will bore you will a few kind of horribly taken photos of said event (I could have been so much more artsy or careful while taking these with my iPhone... oh well.... they will have to do.) The lemonade was so pretty no one wanted to touch it.....

These were our take home party favors, but I forgot mine (cuz I had to leave early to get my rotten kid.) DANG IT! Oh well... I will just have to make my own....

This is just funny. The sweet woman across from me whipped out her phone and asked if she could take a pic of my lemonade before I drank some.... I swear any other people would be like, "Huh? What now?" But I totally got it (and just had to take a pic of her taking a pic. cuz I'm a nerd like that), and it made me excited to be surrounded by such like minded women all grabbing their cameras to take photos of chocolate covered strawberries, and the lovely plates they were served on, before taking a bite.....

We were working on something for the window display that will go up for Earth day. The theme is recycling (duh.), and we used all recycled materials. I'll have to go take some more pictures once it's up since I have no idea how to explain it to you.... but our teacher, Lauren, did a great job of explaining what it will look like and even showed us some of her sketches (COOLEST job EVER). Long story short, we made carrot tops.. Out of wadded up paper, masking tape, paint, rebar, and spray painted screens (the kind on your window. ouch.) Here's the start of mine...

 Couple of different layers of paint for a more "realistic" look...
Lauren told us what to do for each step and demonstrated....

Then the screens (I say ouch because they were cut into triangles that we then wrapped around the poles and you'd hear, "ouch. ouch. OUCH!" every second or two.) 

 Then we randomly gave each of our leaves a haircut. This was mine. 

I finished just in time to rush out the door to pick Ev up from school (10 minutes late. like a good mom. oops.) It really was one of the best mornings I've had in Lexington. Meeting women. Crafting. Getting poked until I bled. It didn't even matter that I had a TERRIBLE rest of the day (rotten kids.) because I got to do something for me.... and now my crush on Anthro (thats what the cool kids call her.) is a full blown love affair.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Run the Bluegrass Half Marathon

The day before Easter I ran the Bluegrass half marathon in Lexington. It winds through the horse farms surrounding the Keenland area. Let me just start by saying, this was by far the most beautiful 13.1 miles I've ever run. The grass here isn't quite as green as it will be (yet), and the trees haven't filled in... but none of that mattered. We live in such a beautiful place. I felt so lucky to experience Lexington in this way and found myself wishing I could run this path all the time...... even though it was also the most challenging 13.1 miles. The hills were killer!

Here's the start.
So happy that Hottie has a knack (& likes to) track me throughout these races so that there is photographic evidence of me kicking @$$... er, I mean, running.

I eased into a pace of around 10:30 early on, which is actually a bit fast for me. (did I mention I'm a slow and steady kind of runner? Slooooow and steady.) I was feeling strong and confident but really didn't know what to expect from this race and the elevation changes were intimidating.

Notice how in the start photo everyone is all smiley and happy and then these around mile 3 they are all business.... I'm the only one smiling like a loon. I just have so much fun with these races.

I thought this dude with the peeps box around mile 4 was joking and when I said that to Hottie later he was like, "uh, there were really peeps in there. and runners really grabbed some." There is the photo proof! Peeps! Cracks me up. I love marathon spectators. I should do another post just based on the signs people hold up. I love a good laugh, especially around the time my energy fades.

Oh look, another HILL! There I am in the middle..... pretty much killing it. (haha)

I ran up every hill for the first half of the mileage. Then the hills got bigger and more frequent and I began to pick a point to run to halfway up and walked the rest. There I am in the middle again..... doing my best. Around mile 7 I was still feeling really good but I also felt like I hadn't trained for all of these hills (did I mention  how many hills there were?! **** so many hills!) so I figured I would have to kiss my 10:30 pace goodbye and just be happy with finishing. That I wasn't here to PR (personal record) and I pushed on.

This is me around mile 7 or so. I pause briefly to kiss Hottie goodbye and tell him I'll see him at the finish..... whenever that might be. Then the hills were one right after the other. UP. down. UP. down. UP. down. These hills were killing me! (and everyone else. notice the photo... everyone walking) UGH! I hate running hills and before moving here would avoid them like the plague.

Around mile 8 I hit a wall. I honestly felt like I might have to walk the majority of the rest of the way and just take in the scenery. Then at the top of the hill everything changed. I saw these two beauties and was immediately inspired.
The horses were running side by side in big wide circles in their pasture. They were magnificent. Really, the photo does not do them justice. For some reason that gave me the little nudge I needed to keep running, keep pushing myself, to not just settle for a finish.

There is a point in every race that I feel this way, something pushes me forward when I need it most. For my first Disney race it was when I ran through Anaheim Stadium and heard my name announced. LA full marathon was hitting that 18 mile mark in the pouring rain and seeing my tiny little nieces all bundled up eating snacks (which I desperately wanted to steal) holding a sign that said, "WINNING, duh." I will never forget these moments in life, they are my most inspired. They remind me I can do anything. They are what I run for, what I live for, really.

So there I went, the smile quickly returning to my face. I turned my music up and reminded myself how lucky I am to have this life. This opportunity. A body that can carry me through. I ran for the next 5 miles without stopping. Here is the finish line....

My time was 2:30:00. A new personal record.

I could not be more proud to have this medal join my others and can't help but dream of the others to come.... hills or not, bring it on.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


With racing and running on the brain.... (and by racing I mean calling crossing the finish line a win... and by running I mean at a nice slow pace) I made this layout with photos from the Color me Rad 5k I told you about. 

I used the Neverland Studio Calico kit. Of course I just had to splatter lots of ink and mist a bunch to mimic the theme of the layout. I look at this page now and think, whoa, that's a lot going on there! But, why not. It's all in good fun. OH! And I used some Instagrams that were printed out on my new Selphy printer (review soon)(spoiler alert: I love it)

Monday, April 1, 2013

Hoppy Easter

hahaha. hoppy. happy. see what I did there?

Ok. Happy Easter everyone. I hope ya'll had a great one... get ready for a lot of photos from 'round these parts.

Aidan left for a week at his Mom's house on Saturday so we dyed eggs and did some other fun stuff like that last weekend so he wouldn't miss out on everything. I love that he can be silly and have fun doing these family activities....

Easter morning Nakiah and Evareaux went on a scavenger hunt for their baskets...and then a hunt in the yard for eggs filled with alllll kinds of (bad for you) goodies...

Dezmond won the prize for being the cutest. bunny baby. ever.

I made an early dinner and then my Mom and Stepdad left. Later we enjoyed laughing at group text messages from Hotties family (there was a jelly bean guessing contest and who won? i think we all know it was me.). It made us feel like we were all together in a way. Then Hottie and I watched the Walking Dead season finale (cuz nothing says Easter like zombies). 

In upcoming news: I have the deets on another successfully run half marathon! Some projects to share. Spring break happenings (lord help me).