Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Call Me Crazy

I am in love with this thing called Roller Derby.

Last weekend I went to a bootcamp held here in Lexington by the Rollergirls of Central Kentucky (or R.O.C.K.). It. Was. Awesome. I will say that I can now fully comprehend why they call it "bootcamp"... it was no joke. They threw every single derby skill at us in a matter of two days. We skated for a total of 8 hours and did things like hip checks, wips, jumping cones, skating backwards, falling (on purpose), skating in a pack, time trials. At the end of the second day I felt like I had run 20 miles. Every single inch of my body was sore.... in the best way. 

(Wish I would have taken some photos... but honestly I was too busy making sure I didn't bust my ass.)

I can easily say that I've been bitten by the derby bug. It's something I have wanted to try for years and I'm so glad that I am chasing this dream now. The group of women that I met at bootcamp could not have been more encouraging or helpful or nice. Honestly, I feel like I have found my perfect fit... a tough physical and mental challenge and a great network of awesome people. I try out for the team on the 27th of this month, and am crossing all my fingers and toes that I can make it.....

Oh, and did I mention that I have only been on rollerskates a handful of times... in my entire life? So, not only am I learning about this crazy (and by crazy I mean awesome) sport... I'm also learning to skate. Wish me luck!

Thumb update: At some point during the first half of Saturday I fell forward putting all of my weight on my thumb (thank goodness for wrist guards)... it was pointing straight up towards the ceiling and I thought, "oh bummer, I broke my thumb." Then I popped it back down to where it should be and kept going. It hurt like hell but I figured as long as it didn't swell too much and I could bend it some I would finish out the camp and deal with it later... and I did. Luckily xrays showed no break. (YAY!) The doc thinks I dislocated it and put it back properly... just wanted to update you since I know I mentioned it before. It's bruised and extremely sore but should heal fine in the next couple of weeks.

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