Monday, April 1, 2013

Hoppy Easter

hahaha. hoppy. happy. see what I did there?

Ok. Happy Easter everyone. I hope ya'll had a great one... get ready for a lot of photos from 'round these parts.

Aidan left for a week at his Mom's house on Saturday so we dyed eggs and did some other fun stuff like that last weekend so he wouldn't miss out on everything. I love that he can be silly and have fun doing these family activities....

Easter morning Nakiah and Evareaux went on a scavenger hunt for their baskets...and then a hunt in the yard for eggs filled with alllll kinds of (bad for you) goodies...

Dezmond won the prize for being the cutest. bunny baby. ever.

I made an early dinner and then my Mom and Stepdad left. Later we enjoyed laughing at group text messages from Hotties family (there was a jelly bean guessing contest and who won? i think we all know it was me.). It made us feel like we were all together in a way. Then Hottie and I watched the Walking Dead season finale (cuz nothing says Easter like zombies). 

In upcoming news: I have the deets on another successfully run half marathon! Some projects to share. Spring break happenings (lord help me).

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