Sunday, August 30, 2015

Project Life: June

Hello there! Lots to share today. Here is my June Project Life, if you're into that stuff. If not, keep it movin'. :) I got my hands on the Dear Lizzy Fine & Dandy PL kit from Hobby Lobby. You'll see a lot of those cards in the next couple of months...

June 1-7

left. (& copious amounts of just got my hair did selfies. that's embarrassing, but life.)


June 8-14.


right. (proof that freezy machines can break if it's too hot! I document the important moments, people. This seriously blew my mind & bummed me out!)

June 15-21



June 22-28.

left. (featuring the time we got stuck in a car wash. yes, really.)

back side of bday insert. (& two weirdos pretending to lick my ears.)

right. (Grandpa Ron visits and we do fun stuff.)

front of bday insert. 

So that's June! I have July done too (since I'm an overachiever like that.) and I'll share soon. ALSO! I made something over the weekend, guys. It's quite possibly one of the coolest things I've ever made and I am super duper excited about it and I can't wait to take pictures and share. (so there's that to look forward to.) 

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Me Series: July/August

Here's the latest of my me pages. Just under the wire on my July page. I nearly forgot! Over half way through the year and I am 8/8. Cheers to that. Here are links to the rest of the series, if you're interested.



So here's whats up with me:

I found something really interesting when grabbing the links to make this post. I didn't realize it's been almost a year since I sought help for my depression. I re-read this post about my initial feelings of reaching out to someone.

I can say this... I am proud of myself. Reading what I wrote brought me back to the day I finally talked to my doctor about it... it took me months to gather the courage to get to that point. I can say this also... I'm so glad I did. Do I still struggle with depression? Absolutely. Is it any better? Yes. It is much better. I still have bad days, sad thoughts (that come out of nowhere and have no connection), anxiety struggles, moments when I went to climb into a shell and hibernate, freak outs, overwhelmed feelings... but it is better. so. much. better. 

I've been seeing a therapist every couple of weeks for a year now (and being 100% open and honest about my life). and it's helping. I've been doing the things she is telling me to do to cope and thrive. and it's helping. I am forcing myself to show up for things and live in the moment. and it's working. I'm taking the medication that my doctor and I agreed on consistently. and that's working too

Now instead of 6 horrible, dark days, and one decent one.. I have 6 good, solid days, and maybe one meh. When that happens I allow myself time to muddle through, regroup, and know that tomorrow will be better. Big picture wise I'm doing so much better than I was a year ago... and I am proud.

So that's it, right? Pretty soon I'll be cured! nope. I know it doesn't work like that. I know I have a long road ahead of me. (but remind myself how far I've come!) So what now? I will continue therapy. I will continue to take medication that is working for me and not dulling me. I will treat my body better so that I can reach my full potential to thrive. (more on this later.) I will be myself again... or maybe even a better version of me (after all this work!). Elizabeth 2.0 Just think where I could be a year from now. (and what hair color I might have!)

Monday, August 24, 2015

First Day of School!

Somebody is excited to be a first grader! (and has the cutest donut backpack. so her.) We failed at the first day photos but I took some today and I'll call it good. Ev is already loving that school is back in session (except that it means no more all-pool days). Her favorite things are lunch and recess. #educationmatters. Dez seems to be liking the alone time, for now. I'm loving a couple of quiet hours during his nap time mid-day. (pure heaven.)

Nakiah is ready to tackle 8th grade. In the photo below he is explaining to me that... "It's just like last year, Mom. I have like, two really awesome teachers and then the rest are just pretty good. I can tell already that those ones will have some bad days.."

He tends to get pretty nervous before the start of a school year but I didn't see any signs of it this time around! I guess he's maturing. We had our annual talk about his goals and plans for the year. I set up and explained our expectations. He asked for xbox days. We met in the middle. Here's to hoping these kids have another great year! 

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Back to Scrap Shopping

With all of the back to school expenses (hello, scientific calculator!) it really is a terrible time to buy things for myself... especially things I don't really need. But I've been jones-ing to make a hefty scrapbook purchase for months now so I thought at the very least I could share what I have my eye on. (some of these are new, and some are not.. but these are the collections I'm window shopping.)

October Afternoon's Under the Tree
I am always a total sucker for OA Christmas stuff. 

Crate Paper Wonderful collection...

gimme gimme gimme anything and everything Maggie Holmes Crate. I die for every embellishment. (confession: I just bought this paper pad and already made 3 pages with it.)

A couple new Project Life kits. Liking this retro one..
Everyday edition core kit. I like what I can see. Does anyone else get a little bummed that there isn't a  way to see all of the cards? I have a hard time buying something for $30 if I don't know what's really in there. I think there are videos or something that show more.. but, come on! ain't nobody got time fo  dat!  I just want to see it when I click on the thingie.
Basic Grey Aurora. This color palette wins me over... especially paired with unique patterns.

American Crafts (you didn't think I'd do a post like this and leave out my first love, AC, did you?!) Here's their new office line (Desktop Essentials)..

Dear Lizzy Documentary

Amy Tangerine Finders Keepers

These frame-able details..
So that's it! Maybe I'll put in an order soon, or maybe I'll just keep browsing and pining. 

By the way. Does anyone miss actual retail scrapbook stores as much as I do? There is just something about holding embellishments in your hands, really seeing the colors, feeling the embellishments. I don't mind shopping online, but I do much better in person... browsing the aisles used to inspire new ideas and excite me. Now, *sigh*, I check blogs,, etc. (thanking my lucky stars for Paper Camellia because I get my hot little hands on new products every month thanks to those awesome kits!)

What are you excited about in the scrapbook world?

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Summah Summah Summertime

Next week marks the beginning of the school year! (insert real mom feelings here: ahhhhhhhhhh! final countdown! I'm so excited to have a portion of the day to myself again! Less arguing for toys. No more begging to go to the pool all day! It's so close, I can almost taste it!) huh-hem. anyway. 

If you're anything like me a new school year is both exciting (cuz the kids are the teachers problems now out of your hair.).. & also a time when I begin to freak out inside. I can't help but wonder if I'm a bad mom for not working with my kids to keep their learning going over the summer. Every year I think: this is the year I'm going to do flash cards and extra reading and math, etc. and every year I am a big fat failure at it... which lends itself to the guilt I feel when the kids return to school and are probably way behind. No possible way that any other parents could have dropped the ball on this, right? Surely it's just me.

To be honest the guilty feeling kinda kills the buzz I have when think of a quiet house for a few hours... geez. can't a mama get a break? (also. should I feel guilty for looking so forward to the first day of school? naaaaah. everyone feels that way... most just don't admit it.)

On that note. I wanted to sum up our summer. If I had to describe it in one word it would be: lazy. homebodies. boring. simplewinning. We did a whole lot of nothing, really, but it was kind of awesome. Did I have moments days when I wanted to strangle my children and run screaming? (duh, have you met me? of course I did.) but overall it was just what we needed and I kinda loved it.

This summer: 
we spent our fair share of time at the park...
the pool...

watched and played all of the roller derby...

spent more time at the pool...

enjoyed more than our share of local treats...

played outside...

attempted camping (and lasted one night)...

fell in love with boating (and accidentally dunked Dez. twice.)...

found baby bunnies in the yard...

tried life on two wheels...

started potty training (at the prompting of Dez. pretty sure he's doing it wrong here.)...

tried to establish a lawn (being grown ups, sigh.)..

rocked blue hair.... 

Things I learned this summer:

i am the only one who gives two craps about how I look in a bathing suit. I'm just one of the many who feel uncomfortable and self conscious, and it's not worth ruining my time over.

kids 6 and under want to "play at their friends house" non-stop.. but it is less about the actual friend and more about what toys that friend owns.

it's beneficial to know when to say no (and I need to say it more) and yes (sometimes giving in to the kids gave us the random-est, most fun of days)

slurpees after practice are a must. (and those machines can totally break if it's too humid out. which is super heart breaking to everyone in this family me.)

A clean garage will stay clean for at least 2.5 seconds. totally worth cleaning.

beer-ritas are delicious. (especially the lemon ones.)

a clean house makes me happy (but cleaning it is the worst.)

it's usually worth overcoming anxiety to spend time with friends.. especially for very special occasions or events.

being referred to as someones "spirit animal" makes me ridiculously happy!

our neighborhood and plot of land are the bomb. i couldn't be happier with the decision.

i want to make more art. (maybe when these rotten kids go back to school I will magically have time to do more of that!)

So that's it. Our summer in a nutshell. It sped by while simultaneously somehow crawling at a snails pace. We had family visit, brief stay-cations, friends friends and more time with friends. I'm chalking it up to a win. Now bring on school! (mama needs at least two seconds of piece and quiet)