Sunday, August 30, 2015

Project Life: June

Hello there! Lots to share today. Here is my June Project Life, if you're into that stuff. If not, keep it movin'. :) I got my hands on the Dear Lizzy Fine & Dandy PL kit from Hobby Lobby. You'll see a lot of those cards in the next couple of months...

June 1-7

left. (& copious amounts of just got my hair did selfies. that's embarrassing, but life.)


June 8-14.


right. (proof that freezy machines can break if it's too hot! I document the important moments, people. This seriously blew my mind & bummed me out!)

June 15-21



June 22-28.

left. (featuring the time we got stuck in a car wash. yes, really.)

back side of bday insert. (& two weirdos pretending to lick my ears.)

right. (Grandpa Ron visits and we do fun stuff.)

front of bday insert. 

So that's June! I have July done too (since I'm an overachiever like that.) and I'll share soon. ALSO! I made something over the weekend, guys. It's quite possibly one of the coolest things I've ever made and I am super duper excited about it and I can't wait to take pictures and share. (so there's that to look forward to.) 


  1. Good for you!! THIS is so awesome and I love the way you do this - YOU and pocket pages go together so perfectly! So, so very impressed!! All the fun details and pictures make this incredible!!