Thursday, August 20, 2015

Back to Scrap Shopping

With all of the back to school expenses (hello, scientific calculator!) it really is a terrible time to buy things for myself... especially things I don't really need. But I've been jones-ing to make a hefty scrapbook purchase for months now so I thought at the very least I could share what I have my eye on. (some of these are new, and some are not.. but these are the collections I'm window shopping.)

October Afternoon's Under the Tree
I am always a total sucker for OA Christmas stuff. 

Crate Paper Wonderful collection...

gimme gimme gimme anything and everything Maggie Holmes Crate. I die for every embellishment. (confession: I just bought this paper pad and already made 3 pages with it.)

A couple new Project Life kits. Liking this retro one..
Everyday edition core kit. I like what I can see. Does anyone else get a little bummed that there isn't a  way to see all of the cards? I have a hard time buying something for $30 if I don't know what's really in there. I think there are videos or something that show more.. but, come on! ain't nobody got time fo  dat!  I just want to see it when I click on the thingie.
Basic Grey Aurora. This color palette wins me over... especially paired with unique patterns.

American Crafts (you didn't think I'd do a post like this and leave out my first love, AC, did you?!) Here's their new office line (Desktop Essentials)..

Dear Lizzy Documentary

Amy Tangerine Finders Keepers

These frame-able details..
So that's it! Maybe I'll put in an order soon, or maybe I'll just keep browsing and pining. 

By the way. Does anyone miss actual retail scrapbook stores as much as I do? There is just something about holding embellishments in your hands, really seeing the colors, feeling the embellishments. I don't mind shopping online, but I do much better in person... browsing the aisles used to inspire new ideas and excite me. Now, *sigh*, I check blogs,, etc. (thanking my lucky stars for Paper Camellia because I get my hot little hands on new products every month thanks to those awesome kits!)

What are you excited about in the scrapbook world?


  1. Well - I must say you have excellent taste and I can see you making some awesome masterpieces with these products!!! I am in LOVE with all the new Doodlebug Design products coming out - the Sports collections especially - I . NEED. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. OF. THEM. - but like you I have to window shop until some medical things are paid off!! Anyways - fun to look through your wish list - hope you get some of it sometime soon!!

  2. I guess great minds think alike! these have been on my wish/purchase list since their debut! Already placed an order with my scrappy dealers. I also like the Bella Blvd Illustrated Faith collection. I would love to be able to browse in a scrapbook store. Michael's doesn't really do it for me. Although I have went into HomeSense and was blown away by their selection of scrappy stuff---who know??

    1. I checked out HomeSense online. I'm super jealous we don't have that in the US!