Monday, August 24, 2015

First Day of School!

Somebody is excited to be a first grader! (and has the cutest donut backpack. so her.) We failed at the first day photos but I took some today and I'll call it good. Ev is already loving that school is back in session (except that it means no more all-pool days). Her favorite things are lunch and recess. #educationmatters. Dez seems to be liking the alone time, for now. I'm loving a couple of quiet hours during his nap time mid-day. (pure heaven.)

Nakiah is ready to tackle 8th grade. In the photo below he is explaining to me that... "It's just like last year, Mom. I have like, two really awesome teachers and then the rest are just pretty good. I can tell already that those ones will have some bad days.."

He tends to get pretty nervous before the start of a school year but I didn't see any signs of it this time around! I guess he's maturing. We had our annual talk about his goals and plans for the year. I set up and explained our expectations. He asked for xbox days. We met in the middle. Here's to hoping these kids have another great year! 


  1. Happy First Day of School for your kiddos!! And so excited for you to have those couple of hours to yourself in the afternoons!! Hope you are happy and doing so well!!!