Saturday, October 31, 2015


Dudes! It's Halloween! It's 3:45 in the afternoon here and I am already on a serious sugar high! The kids are counting down the hours by watching movie after movie. Ev figured out it was just 2 more kids movies until it's time for trick or treating.. she's laying around in her skivvies "saving her energy" for tonight. Oh. boy. Here's some more pages!

Now that I have this posted I can see it needs some journaling... like 3 short lines worth just below the photos.

We got a lot of photos in the pumpkin patch that year.. I mean, she was a pumpkin. It was the cutest.

I hope I get some good photos of the kiddos and all of their tricks treats tonight! One cool thing our city does is designate a time to go out. It's 6-7:30.. which means I can actually get some decent photos in since we'll have daylight. Woohoo! Also, adult party for us at a neighbors house tonight. Totally winning at this Halloween thing, ya'll.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Halloween Eve

Dudes! It's almost Halloween. My teeth are rotting just thinking about it! The kids are super excited and I'm making my famous caramel apple dip for our family party. (every year I throw one, even if it's just for the 5-6 of us.) My stomach is gonna hurt so bad, ya'll. Here's some black and white pages for your viewing pleasure!

Do you have anything fun planned for the weekend? I think I'm as excited as the kids.. for no good reason at all!

Saturday, October 24, 2015


Guys! I need to find time to sit down and write a comprehensive blog post! I keep trying to do it and then somehow I fall into the internet and can't get up.. or am simultaneously doing like 5 projects.. (am I the only one who is either completely zilch or ideas out the wazoo in the creativity department?) (pretty sure I'm a crazy person when it comes to that.) Here's a few snippets of what I've been up to that I want to share more about already! geez! Get it together, Scrappy Life!

I've been jotting down little inspirational stuff to myself. The reminders are helping. This one's on my desk...

Potty training this bro-zinie. He's amazing. Practically did it himself. He doesn't even need me, except for high fives and candy bribes afterwards.

Looking to holiday projects/ideas. Want to make an effort to sell some stuff this season. You know, see how I can do or what I can do. It feels like a risk but it's also kind s or get off the pot time over here. (Dez knows all about that one right now.)

I love with my strange art choice for the kitchen wall. These posters are my jam. They make me smile. (I have to show you the other areas of my home that I've finally somewhat decorated!) haha, don't want to over sell it!

I made a table, guys! WITH MY OWN TWO HANDS! (Well, ok, I used my Dad an Hotties hands too... but still. we MADE this!) Details to come when I get my act together never.

These are happening after a long break. There's wheels on my shoes! Do I even remember how these things work? Oh boy... consistent work outs, here I come. I even did a fitcon class at crossfit today... and lived to tell about it! I didn't die!

Trying my hardest to keep it healthy on the regular (lots more on this. for reals. so much to say.).. but sometimes you are sabotaged by your own salt shaker. Little too salty, even for me. *waves fist in the air and curses, Trader Joes

I made like, one million Halloween layouts this week. Ok maybe only really five, but it FELT like a million. I may even do a post with one each day next week show you some.

Until next time. Stay cool, guys. Stay real cool.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Project Life: August

Dude. Project Life. Me, showing you, right now. It's happening.

August 3-9th full.


Right. Sooo many photos...

August 10-16th full.


digging the layering on the date card.


haha. All summer Ev said, "CANYON ball!" instead of cannon ball.

August 17-21st full.



August 24-31st full.



So there you go. Project Life. August. Right in your face.

OMG I have so much to write about and share with you guys.. I've been one busy little bee! (I know I always declare how "busy" I am or whatever but for reals, ya'll.. I have been getting. stuff. done!) So many projects!

Friday, October 16, 2015

Friday, October 9, 2015

Welcome to Cleveland

I'm crying as I write this, but smiling too. Last week my Dad, Stepmom, and little brother and sister came to visit all the way from South Dakota. I haven't seen them in six years. SIX years. What the what?! It was so wonderful to see them and get to know my siblings as adults (since they are perpetually 4 and 1 year olds in my mindseye.) I loved hanging out, chatting, building stuff, and just sitting around and staring at each other. But the best part was scenes like this... 

I've never seen Evareaux warm up to someone with such lightening speed. This photo was snapped only 5 minutes after they arrived. She bonded immediately with her Grandpa Scott... and it didn't take Dez long at all to follow suit... My Dad is really good at connecting and playing with the kids. It means the world to me to see them being so loved. (crying again. jeez.) It breaks my heart that we aren't close enough to have this regularly. But, I'm so happy they got this time with him. I cherished it.

 I didn't take nearly enough photos. Can you believe that?! What's wrong with me? I'm usually the epitome of a shutterbug! But I think you will notice a trend in the ones I did snap...

I think the only times she left his side were when she slept and went to school.. and maybe when they used the bathroom...

Em and Dez spent some time together too. He even locked her in his bedroom so she'd stay and play..

I'll admit. I kinda wanted to lock them all up so they wouldn't leave. It was a joy to see them..

Dude. Did I mention my siblings are like real life, actually grown up adults? There is a 12 year-ish gap in our ages.. so you can imagine my surprise when this guy shows up on the doorstep with facial hair and a 6'3" body!

One thing about not seeing family for so long is that you notice all of the changes in them. All week long all I could think about was how missing out on six years is absolutely ridiculous! I can't let that much time go by again. I want to stay connected. I plan to do my part, so I can stop crying like a big fat baby about it. Ok, ok. Enough of Bummertown. (but wahhhhhhh! why can't we live closer or be rich enough to fly & see each other all of the time?)

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Paper Camellia October Kit: part two

Hey you guyyyyyyyyyzzzzza. I promised I would come back and share the rest of my PC layouts... and here I am.. doing what I said I would. Thank you very much! This kit rocked my world. I couldn't stop layering on the embellishment and patterned paper goodness. Here's my stuff...

This one might be my fav. & that's pretty cool because I made it using the Main Kit only...

I noticed that the scrapbook kit(s) sold out really quickly this time. This is the part where I highly suggest that you just go ahead and subscribe. That way you're guaranteed a piece of this amazing Paper Camellia pie. Ria seriously hits every kit out of the park... then you can squeal with delight just like I do when yours arrives and jump on and kiss your mail carrier right in the face. (or maybe don't do that to your mail person... we do, after all, want them to come back next month.)

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Paper Camellia October Kit Reveal!

Hey there! I'm SO excited it's the first of the month because that means I get to share the projects I made for Paper Camellia with you. It's a gorgeous kit, with TONS of options. I swear, one day I am just going to scoop up a kit and make a mini out of it.

This time I got to work with the Main Kit as well as the Embellishment Add-On...

I had originally planned on making just three pages since I have so many house projects going on.. but of course, you know me, I am an overachiever can't stop myself once I get started. So I made 5 layouts. Here are a couple of them. I'll share the other two in a bit. (oh the suspense!)

My goal for this one was to show that although the kit leans feminine and is filled with hearts and pinks and butterflies... it can totally be used for boy pages...

Here's another. I must say, I had this one all set up and then when I went to glue something just wasn't tickling my fancy. So I picked up the paper and let the embellishments fall back into a pile (usually the way I scrap.. lay out the design, walk away, if I still like it when I come back then I adhere.).. starting over was a smart choice. I feel much better about he layering of embellies, and the way the photo is showcased. 

...btw's, I'm pretty much obsessed with those hand-written Thickers... kind of just wanted to put the whole sheet on a page and design around it. oh! good idea! BRB, I have to make layout #6... oh! but first, check out Ria's sale on the Paper Camellia site. She has some awesome kits marked down, and the super popular grab bags are back by demand (and won't be there for long, I'm sure!)