Saturday, October 24, 2015


Guys! I need to find time to sit down and write a comprehensive blog post! I keep trying to do it and then somehow I fall into the internet and can't get up.. or am simultaneously doing like 5 projects.. (am I the only one who is either completely zilch or ideas out the wazoo in the creativity department?) (pretty sure I'm a crazy person when it comes to that.) Here's a few snippets of what I've been up to that I want to share more about already! geez! Get it together, Scrappy Life!

I've been jotting down little inspirational stuff to myself. The reminders are helping. This one's on my desk...

Potty training this bro-zinie. He's amazing. Practically did it himself. He doesn't even need me, except for high fives and candy bribes afterwards.

Looking to holiday projects/ideas. Want to make an effort to sell some stuff this season. You know, see how I can do or what I can do. It feels like a risk but it's also kind s or get off the pot time over here. (Dez knows all about that one right now.)

I love with my strange art choice for the kitchen wall. These posters are my jam. They make me smile. (I have to show you the other areas of my home that I've finally somewhat decorated!) haha, don't want to over sell it!

I made a table, guys! WITH MY OWN TWO HANDS! (Well, ok, I used my Dad an Hotties hands too... but still. we MADE this!) Details to come when I get my act together never.

These are happening after a long break. There's wheels on my shoes! Do I even remember how these things work? Oh boy... consistent work outs, here I come. I even did a fitcon class at crossfit today... and lived to tell about it! I didn't die!

Trying my hardest to keep it healthy on the regular (lots more on this. for reals. so much to say.).. but sometimes you are sabotaged by your own salt shaker. Little too salty, even for me. *waves fist in the air and curses, Trader Joes

I made like, one million Halloween layouts this week. Ok maybe only really five, but it FELT like a million. I may even do a post with one each day next week show you some.

Until next time. Stay cool, guys. Stay real cool.

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  1. Happy Halloween Week to you and may I just repeat to you - YOU GOT THIS!!! I think you are remarkably COOL!!!