Saturday, October 31, 2015


Dudes! It's Halloween! It's 3:45 in the afternoon here and I am already on a serious sugar high! The kids are counting down the hours by watching movie after movie. Ev figured out it was just 2 more kids movies until it's time for trick or treating.. she's laying around in her skivvies "saving her energy" for tonight. Oh. boy. Here's some more pages!

Now that I have this posted I can see it needs some journaling... like 3 short lines worth just below the photos.

We got a lot of photos in the pumpkin patch that year.. I mean, she was a pumpkin. It was the cutest.

I hope I get some good photos of the kiddos and all of their tricks treats tonight! One cool thing our city does is designate a time to go out. It's 6-7:30.. which means I can actually get some decent photos in since we'll have daylight. Woohoo! Also, adult party for us at a neighbors house tonight. Totally winning at this Halloween thing, ya'll.

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