Sunday, October 4, 2015

Paper Camellia October Kit: part two

Hey you guyyyyyyyyyzzzzza. I promised I would come back and share the rest of my PC layouts... and here I am.. doing what I said I would. Thank you very much! This kit rocked my world. I couldn't stop layering on the embellishment and patterned paper goodness. Here's my stuff...

This one might be my fav. & that's pretty cool because I made it using the Main Kit only...

I noticed that the scrapbook kit(s) sold out really quickly this time. This is the part where I highly suggest that you just go ahead and subscribe. That way you're guaranteed a piece of this amazing Paper Camellia pie. Ria seriously hits every kit out of the park... then you can squeal with delight just like I do when yours arrives and jump on and kiss your mail carrier right in the face. (or maybe don't do that to your mail person... we do, after all, want them to come back next month.)

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  1. You are such a hoot and I must say that these layouts are so perfectly YOU and they showcase your amazing style and the incredible gift of style and color you have!!! So awesome!!!