Saturday, January 30, 2016

Project Life: November/December

Dude, I forgot to post the rest of my Project Life pages. This confirms it, I totally suck. Oh well. You probably already know that and also don't really care. Here they are! :)

November 23-29 (thanksgiving took over)

First week of December..

Journaling about my Grandpas death. Sad things need documenting too.

December 7-13th...

December 26-31st...

So that was all of 2015. I want to say I didn't miss a single week, but that would make me a big fat liar pants. You may notice I didn't share the week of Christmas. That's cuz I didn't PL it. I figure I already have all of that in my December Daily. So there's not a huge need to document in this way as well. So that's what I'm sticking to. Really.. by the time I got to Plife-ing (can we make that a real word? Urban dictionary can you hear me?) I was done playing with holiday stuff. True story, bro. And that, my friends, is more pages then you ever cared to see! (thus two posts.)

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Project Life Oct/Nov

Here are some of those Project Life-y spreads I told you about. I'm going to go ahead and say the cliche thing here.. I can't believe how fast the end of 2015 flew by. Like, I look at these pages and they feel like ages ago.. but yesterday too. January is almost over and I haven't even given up on my resolutions yet! I'm so far behind, guys.

October 26- November 1st.

November 2-8th.

November 9-15th.

I have the rest of the year and I'll share that tomorrow. Stop begging now, you have to be patient! I have to split these: more pages than you care to see up. 

Sunday, January 24, 2016

PL Sneaks

Dude. I feel am nuts. I have a ton of stuff on my list to write about and share here but I can't seem to pull any of it together enough to actually post. ..I feel kinda dumb saying typing that... like who really cares? But I guess I do. It's bothering me.. so there ya go. I'm a big bloggy failure. I hate when things just sit there staring at me, mocking me from the to do list... "ne-ner-ne-ner-neenee! look, still hereeee! what are you even doing with your life? pull it together already! the world is judging you!"
(My lists are pretty cruel, ya'll.)

Anywhooo. I do have some Project Life pages ready to go.. so even though they're at the bottom of my "list," here are some close ups. I'll be back with full spreads soon. You're so excited! I can tell just from you reading this!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Citrus Twist Jan Pocket Life Layout

Hey you! (Yes, you, that one person reading my blog!) Check out the Citrus Twist Kit Club blog today and see the page I made using the Pocket Life and Embellishment kits. Here are some sneaks..

While you're over there check out what the rest of the design team made this month... there is so much talent in that group.. I feel like I should bow down to them! bananas, I tell you. I'm going to have to up my game somehow....

Saturday, January 16, 2016

I Still Sell String Art!!

Well I still do!
Here are some recent pieces I made...

This was for one of my friends. She gave me the best reaction when she saw it.. like it was better than she was hoping for. Makes me so dang happy. It's going to match her house perfectly.

This one is a decoration for our house during, you guessed it, Halloween. j/k, Thanksgiving.

This was a custom order for a customer. (sorry the photos suck.. my camera was acting up.) 

kind of loving the look of the rainbow string behind the bold black lettering.

These pieces are pretty rad before you even string them too. I'm considering doing one for my office with my One Little Word. Maybe rainbow-fied, maybe just nailed. 

and I might start doing pet portraits too! 
... sketched and watercolored this one in less than 30 minutes. 
Didn't even know I could do animals!
Let's hope this gets commissioned so I can play with it on canvas. 

So if you want custom string art or a pet portrait shoot an email my way. I'd be happy to work for you! Seriously, I will do whatever you want. I have such a good time making stuff.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Crate Paper Forever.

I wanted to share the projects I made for my recent Crate Paper Design Team submission. These were so fun to make... I actually have made 4 layouts since then that are so full of Crate they could probably have qualified as well. I'm hooked, for sure.

I'm super stoked about these handmade flowers. They are seriously so big, beautiful, and touchable in person. I could eat them up.. you know, if they weren't paper... I think it would be fun to do a tutorial for the different types.

Here are the layouts..

and the card. out of my wheelhouse, but I like the outcome..

One of the reasons I love to submit (other than, you know, the possibility of being chosen and having the best feeling ever.) is that you push yourself to make the best possible projects, in the most creative ways. (at least that's how it goes for me). So even when if I don't make the team I have some pretty cool stuff for the books.

Since we're on the subject of Crate Paper.. have you seen the latest lines? I was watching them like a hawk through CHA over the weekend. Here are some favs...

Hello, Love. DUDE. Obsessed.

Bloom by Maggie Holmes. She never gets it wrong.

I have soooo many ideas for these flowers and layered hearts...

 Little You. Inspires me to go back and document babyhood for Ev and Nakiah.

So there are a few of my favorites. I'll have my overall CHA favs post soon. It's a little harder to pull together when you didn't attend.. but I have an idea of the things I can't wait to see in person... and that's what I'll share.