Sunday, January 10, 2016

2015 Greatest Hits: Life-ing Stuff

I figure since it's the tenth of January I should probably wrap up my 2015 lists... even though I have like 7 other things on my "to blog about" list... so here we go.

Family Stuff:
* "camping" (less than 24 hours. hey, still counts.)
* The Gardners visit from South Dakota. (Ev still asks when we are going to Grandpa Scotts house.)
* breaking in the community pool
* holidays in the new home
* finding baby bunnies in the yard and actually not accidentally killing them (phew!)

Stuff I found/refinished/fell in love with:
* 2 ft tall letters for $20 each! (happy dance!)
* epic piece of vintage furniture for TEN FREAKING DOLLARS!
* trunk I found 2 years ago but finally painted to use. (what took me so long?!)
* cool modern desk on the side of the road with a free sign

Stuff I made (non-scrapbooking):
* holy crap this kitchen table! (thanks dad)
*gigantic string art 
* dyed coffee filter snowflakes (how did I forget to post about these?)
* adorable trees
* rainbow quilt!
* stuff that sold at an art auction

Derby Stuff:
* kids coming to see me play (even though they have no idea what is going on, can't really tell which one is me, and are mostly bored out of their gourds.)
* winning an arm full of trophys at the end of season awards banquet. Like, wha?!

So that was a pretty great year. Hopefully 2016 will hold up to it's standards... or hey, maybe it'll be even better. I am putting in some serious work (yes, even though it's only been 10 days so far) to make it a good one. I've chosen a One Little Word. I've written my goals. I've read a motivational book or two.. it's had it's bumps in the road (yes, even just 10 days in) but I am going for it. What are your plans for 2016?

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