Sunday, January 24, 2016

PL Sneaks

Dude. I feel am nuts. I have a ton of stuff on my list to write about and share here but I can't seem to pull any of it together enough to actually post. ..I feel kinda dumb saying typing that... like who really cares? But I guess I do. It's bothering me.. so there ya go. I'm a big bloggy failure. I hate when things just sit there staring at me, mocking me from the to do list... "ne-ner-ne-ner-neenee! look, still hereeee! what are you even doing with your life? pull it together already! the world is judging you!"
(My lists are pretty cruel, ya'll.)

Anywhooo. I do have some Project Life pages ready to go.. so even though they're at the bottom of my "list," here are some close ups. I'll be back with full spreads soon. You're so excited! I can tell just from you reading this!


  1. Great pages! I, too, am a "big bloggy failure." I'm feeling ya.

    1. So funny to feel that way since it's up to us how much/little we want to post!