Saturday, August 31, 2013

Journal Spot

Seems like lately I've been stopping work on projects at about 90% complete. Missing titles, sewing to be added later, today was an empty journal spot......

Pretty soon I'll think of just the right thing to write on that tag.... and if I don't then maybe the title is enough. Luckily this isn't very typical of me. Although it may take a few days worth of working on a project in 5 minute intervals (between wiping butts and picking up and cooking and hugging and playing and you get the idea) I'm usually pretty good about finishing things before I move on.

I'll just chalk it up to fluke and keep this creative train rolling full steam ahead. Eventually things will fall right into place.... just in time for a big American Crafts Design Team box to show up! [insert happy dance to disco music here] [end blog post with Travolta pose]

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


I stumbled across some creative mojo over the past few days and it's the best timing. I've got some fun assignments and deadlines coming up that I can't wait to share with you... but this one I created just for fun...

I posted a pic of this layout on Instagram because I couldn't manage to dream up a title. Someone suggested, "Hanging Out," which I like, but didn't have enough veneer letters for. Sometimes even when the creative juices are flowing I manage to get blocked in other areas. Now I'm thinking I should write in "favorite," above the title so it makes a little more sense....

Saturday, August 24, 2013

New Favorite

I've discovered my new favorite activity. Scrapbooking puppy photos while the pup lays calmly at my feet. These moments may be fleeting, but they are certainly cherished.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

I Miss Sassafras

Reorganizing (to make room for my American Crafts supplies. eep!) a couple of weeks ago I found all kinds of hidden gems. That's the cool thing about cleaning a scrap stash, you stumble upon forgotten product and it can inspire you to sit down and actually use the stuff!

I found this Sassafras chipboard alpha amongst a stack of products I purchased in a box sale when they announced the end of their business... it had Nakiah written all over it. 

I debated using the letters to spell out a long title or even come up with some words beginning with each letter to describe him but ultimately settled on using the whole darn pack as a background. I just didn't have the heart to leave a single piece out, and they were already organized so perfectly together in a grid. Loving the way it turned out....

and kinda missing sassafras. Every once in a while they will design patterned papers to be used in Studio Calico kits under the name of Tim and Beck (Tim & Rebecca Mcallister are the creators of Sass). These are always my favorite sheets. Hopefully in the future they will create and release more products... because I know they have a huge fan base. Until then I guess I will have to just dig into my large hoard supply. :)

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

51 weeks

I've been MIA for a whole week. There's a good reason. Last week was a doozy. I won't go into it because I really don't like to blab about negative, heavy stuff on here. But it was hard. I had some emotional stuff go down.... as well as one of the busiest weeks in a long time. Between the first day of school, nursing a roller derby injury back to health, Hottie's work function, crazy puppy antics, and kids being kids.... I didn't really have room for anything else to pile on. Unfortunately life doesn't work like that.

In the midst of it all it occurred to me that I have lost the balance I strive so hard to maintain. Somewhere in juggling all of life's balls I've dropped a few. My health and fitness has gone out the door (sadly, it's always the first thing to go, I tend to put myself last on the list of importance.) It's time to find that sweet spot again and take care of myself both mentally and physically.

So I'm processing the stress and the sadness and the overwhelmed, I can't do it all, feeling... and at the same time I am trying to remember that this has indeed been one of the happiest years of my life... and if, out of 52 weeks, 51 of them are happy and good (even when there are little defeats and struggles mixed in there too), I am actually doing pretty well.

And because I don't want to be a total bummer, here are some cute photos.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Washi Wednesday

Popping in to share a quick little washi project with you all....

My kids had hours of fun with this little dollar store plane this summer. Eventually it became all torn around the edges, bent, and kinda sad. 

Then it struck me, a little washi tape can fix this (and make it kinda cute)! So I took out the wings and used them as templates on some cardstock.....

covered that cardstock with strips of washi tape, trimmed the edges. Done and done....

I love quick little projects like this that can fix up a favorite toy or update somethings look. What else can I do to put this collection to good use?

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Paper Hoarding

I've been hoarding this patterned paper by Basic Grey for quite some time...

It was one of those things where I just loved to colors and design so it jumped right into my cart. Even though I didn't have a clear idea for the page I knew I'd use it to do something fun and out of the box. Then as time went by and it was buried in my stash and I forgot all about it. 

Earlier this week I cleaned my scrap space and there it was, mocking me. So I decided to stop hoarding and do something with it. There you have it....

It's inspired me to pull out more of those, "oh I must have this..." purchases that have since sat around collecting dust. I bought them for a reason... time to stop hoarding and find out what we can create together!

Friday, August 9, 2013

The End of Summer

Is it Friday already? How did that happen?! Seriously, I feel like this season has come and gone in a blink.... which is crazy because I was totally dreading the thought of a loooong, drawn out summer when school ended. We did an ok job with my summer bucket list. There are some things on there that I think we probably could have done pretty easily.... but now there are only 5 days left before back to school so oh well. The point of making a list like this for me is having a sort of outline of things I'd like to do, but don't necessarily have to check off. No pressure, just ideas. So in that regard I suppose it served it's purpose. 

Here's some random summer shots...
Nakiah is on a little vacation with his Gram Gram where she is turning him into a cowboy....

He gets home the day before school starts. It's his first year of Middle School, Aidans SENIOR (?!?!?!?!) year of High School, and Ev's last year of Preschool before Kindergarten. This back to school stuff is bananas. It blows my mind every year.... anyone else having trouble with the reality that your kids are getting older? It is seriously so weird.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Vacation Album on the Go

Before our family trip to TN I pulled together a few supplies to take along in order to work on a vacation album... while on vacation. Like most trips, the time to actually sit down to do this was limited. But I did get one glorious afternoon where I could spread out my supplies and put my Selphy (printer I did a post about here) to work. I finished the album in no time the other day.

My base was an American Crafts Dear Lizzy daybook. With the pages already beautifully arranged and bound it was easy to pick all of the little elements I felt I may want to include. Washi tape (always washi with me), ribbon bits, tags, enamel dots, tiny letter stickers, die cuts, a date stamp, to name a few.

The supplies and printer took up such a tiny amount of space in my suitcase, but gave me so much joy to pull out and play with. Total win... and there is something to be said about capturing the memories as they happen, while everything is fresh in your mind. I think it also reminds you to take pictures (but of course if you're a shutter bug like me you don't need to be reminded). Also, the chances of you actually completing a vacation mini go up if you've already made half of the thing, am I right? Score.

A finished vacation album just a couple of short weeks after the actual trip? This might be a record of some kind.. & it would have been even faster if it weren't for all of that unpacking & laundry stuff I had to do, sheesh!  

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Ain't No Party Like the West Coast Party... Except a Midwest Party

Hottie works for Trader Joe's (yes, I know, you, "LOVE Trader Joe's!" Everyone says that. haha) anyway... each year TJ's throws an awesome party for their managers. This is our first year of attending the event in a new region. In the past we went to some swanky hotel in Orange County and between the two of us we'd know just about every person there (for 8 years I was a sign artist for TJ's). We would eat the most delicious meal,  drink far too much, and dance the night away. This year was much of the same. The only difference being that we only knew one other couple out of around 100 people....

and the location. This location was all kinds of epic. It was held at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, MI. (Yes, TJ's paid for us to fly there, and put us up in a hotel for the night... we LOVE Trader Joe's too!) We ate our fancy schmancy dinner right in the middle of the museum. We busted out our best dance moves under a suspended airplane. We didn't manage to drink too much because there were just too many cool things to look at. Hottie may have had three deserts. These Midwesterners know whats up.

Here's some quick photos from our experience...

i live by the photo booth rule: you see one, you use it. no exceptions. :)

tiny room in the attic of an old colonial house on the hotel property. the stairs were in the way of the door, and the door to the room opened right into the bed. i could not stop laughing about this... and the fact that hottie tripped over the stair as we first went in.

 inside the museum. glamour and beauty at every turn....

dance floor under a suspended airplane. we packed the place once the slow jams stopped.

relentless drooling over my dream car....

So that pretty much covers it! We were gone for a mere 24 hours, but had such a great (kidless!) time. Now on to tackle this amazing box of AC goodies that arrived just as I was pulling away for the airport!