Thursday, August 22, 2013

I Miss Sassafras

Reorganizing (to make room for my American Crafts supplies. eep!) a couple of weeks ago I found all kinds of hidden gems. That's the cool thing about cleaning a scrap stash, you stumble upon forgotten product and it can inspire you to sit down and actually use the stuff!

I found this Sassafras chipboard alpha amongst a stack of products I purchased in a box sale when they announced the end of their business... it had Nakiah written all over it. 

I debated using the letters to spell out a long title or even come up with some words beginning with each letter to describe him but ultimately settled on using the whole darn pack as a background. I just didn't have the heart to leave a single piece out, and they were already organized so perfectly together in a grid. Loving the way it turned out....

and kinda missing sassafras. Every once in a while they will design patterned papers to be used in Studio Calico kits under the name of Tim and Beck (Tim & Rebecca Mcallister are the creators of Sass). These are always my favorite sheets. Hopefully in the future they will create and release more products... because I know they have a huge fan base. Until then I guess I will have to just dig into my large hoard supply. :)


  1. Oooh love this layout! I too miss Sassafras! Confession: I didn't know Tim & Beck were the designers - so thanks for the info and now I'll be stalking them :)

  2. Very COOL layout! I can see why you wanted to use the whole pack, they were ment to be together!