Monday, August 5, 2013

Vacation Album on the Go

Before our family trip to TN I pulled together a few supplies to take along in order to work on a vacation album... while on vacation. Like most trips, the time to actually sit down to do this was limited. But I did get one glorious afternoon where I could spread out my supplies and put my Selphy (printer I did a post about here) to work. I finished the album in no time the other day.

My base was an American Crafts Dear Lizzy daybook. With the pages already beautifully arranged and bound it was easy to pick all of the little elements I felt I may want to include. Washi tape (always washi with me), ribbon bits, tags, enamel dots, tiny letter stickers, die cuts, a date stamp, to name a few.

The supplies and printer took up such a tiny amount of space in my suitcase, but gave me so much joy to pull out and play with. Total win... and there is something to be said about capturing the memories as they happen, while everything is fresh in your mind. I think it also reminds you to take pictures (but of course if you're a shutter bug like me you don't need to be reminded). Also, the chances of you actually completing a vacation mini go up if you've already made half of the thing, am I right? Score.

A finished vacation album just a couple of short weeks after the actual trip? This might be a record of some kind.. & it would have been even faster if it weren't for all of that unpacking & laundry stuff I had to do, sheesh!  

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  1. Awesome! Cool that you were able to get some of it done while on your vacation!