Saturday, August 31, 2013

Journal Spot

Seems like lately I've been stopping work on projects at about 90% complete. Missing titles, sewing to be added later, today was an empty journal spot......

Pretty soon I'll think of just the right thing to write on that tag.... and if I don't then maybe the title is enough. Luckily this isn't very typical of me. Although it may take a few days worth of working on a project in 5 minute intervals (between wiping butts and picking up and cooking and hugging and playing and you get the idea) I'm usually pretty good about finishing things before I move on.

I'll just chalk it up to fluke and keep this creative train rolling full steam ahead. Eventually things will fall right into place.... just in time for a big American Crafts Design Team box to show up! [insert happy dance to disco music here] [end blog post with Travolta pose]

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