Monday, April 6, 2020


No I'm not shouting...
Ok, well maybe a little bit. 

Here I am! Elizabeth! Unearthing and wiping the dust off of this artifact of a blog...
It feels like The Mummy movie, except- not at all like that.

I have some plans for a new look for us here-
Well, not so much "plans"-- more just like I want to totally change the look because it's like 1 million years old... I mean- who EVEN IS THAT CHICK ON THE SIDE BANNER THERE?! 
Oh, thats me, like 40 pounds ago.
I still have blue hair though so just age that chick by like 6 years and you'll be close.

My goal is to share the crafty stuff I've been doing working on.
I've been making a ton of things lately-
mostly because I'm trapped in the house just like every other fool on planet Earth...

I digress.
I really wanted to re-kick off the blog with some fun, well thought out, comprehensive, somewhat impressive- post.
instead you get this...
*insert shrug and what are you gonna do- face, here.

OK so here is a fun thing I did with wooden bunnies.
Maybe you want to feast your eyeballs upon it.
I'm working on painting the big color block bunny too and hopefully I will remember to share it here. 
Tell me your thoughts!
What kinds of things have you been working on? I want to hear!
Who is with me and ready to see a revamped and revived look around here?!