Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Each year around this time I do a gratitude/thankful for layout. I started this tradition three years ago and I just love comparing the projects from year to year. Sometimes I include silly little things like Instagram along with the biggies like a healthy family. It doesn't really matter what goes on the list or why. What's important to me is documenting it. This years layout even helped snap me out of my recent funk (at least momentarily).. it took my mind off of all the stuff getting me down and focused it on to all of the positives. Everyone needs that from time to time...

Here is this years layout and list….

What kind of scrappy Thanksgiving or Fall traditions do you have?

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Weeps and Weafs

Hey there. It's been awhile since I blogged. I swear I meant to… I even sat down a few different times to write posts but they just all came out way too depressing and whoa-is-me. (Two titles were- "This is How I Roll: Donezo Edition" and "I Got Nothing" to give you a clue of my mindset.) Simply put, this week was a bad one. Exceptionally bad… I was the girl crying in a McDonalds parking lot while her four year old told her to, "pull it together, Mom…. do you need a wipey?"

Suffice it to say that I reached my breaking point, shed a lot of tears, spoke up, and now we are figuring things out to move during the kids' Christmas break. House sale or no sale, we will be together. That makes me feel a little better, and now I can go back to having only minor nervous break downs… instead of major ones in fast food parking lots… lets hope.

Also, Hotties family are on their way for Thanksgiving so I will have a full house for a week which is awesome because it means plenty of company and distractions to fill my days with. Can't wait.

And to end things on a scrappy note… a project about "weafs."

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Project Life

Popping in quickly today to share some Project Life spreads with you. (I read recently on someones blog that whenever she sees other peoples PL stuff it puts her instantly to sleep... so, if you're like that this post is not for you! If you aren't, hopefully I still won't bore you!-- but I probably will.) (Man! I am self conscious about posting PL pages!! I think I'm over thinking this..)-- and now I return you to your regularly scheduled Project Life programming....

and that's it for today... thanks for stopping by... are you still awake?!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Puppies First Snow

Is there anything cuter than a puppy with a bit of snow on its nose?!..

Ok, so it's not the best photo, but you get the idea. It snowed lightly here early this morning and the kids were super excited to see the white stuff for the first time this season. Even more excited was Snicklefritz. Apparently the snow brings out a serious case of what our trainer refers to as puppy zoomiez! I've just been sitting back, enjoying the show. He's frantically running around trying to eat snow off of every surface. Jumping onto and off of tables and chairs. Chasing snow drifts as if they are squirrels. It's quite a sight to see.

I guess he likes the snow!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Rocking the Stripes

I'm having way too much fun dressing and accessorizing this baby. Boy clothes are much more on trend now than they were 11 years ago when I had my first. Before it was all baby ducklings, footballs, and trucks printed on everything. Right now you can get skinny jeans in all colors, bow ties, fedoras, sweater vests, and the coolest kicks. (I mean, look at the photo below, his hipster fox has glasses and a bow tie, need I say more?)  It's a good time to be a boy.

I had to make a layout about it because after being so excited about my girl and the endless possibilities for fashion (which is hilarious now because she either wants to dress like a boy or take all of her clothes off the second we get home) I didn't feel the same knowing another male was entering the picture. Until now. He is the most fun person to get dressed in the morning... and definitely the coolest. (don't tell Ev)

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Baby Girl

As I was editing layout photos today something dawned on me.... my baby girl is a total and complete tomboy in SO many ways, but when it comes to scrapping her 8 times out of 10 I will use the girliest products I have. Probably because she is the only chance I have to use these lovely things (since I still rarely scrap about me, and I'm not all that girly either.) 

Does it sort of misrepresent her a bit? I guess so, in a way. But you know what, if I can't dress her up in sparkles and tutus and do her hair all cute each day day then at least I can have some fun with layouts... when you have 3 boys and 1 girl I think the tendency is to want to go over the pinkalicious top.. I try, but scrapping is the only time I can get away with it. She doesn't seem to mind too much... I just asked her if she thought she looked pretty on this page and she said, "no way Mom, I'm not pretty, I look cool!" --Obviously. ;)

This also gives me an excuse to do cool stuff like make these triple layer butterflies... what do you think? Two punches of patterned paper layered under one of punched vellum. Soooo much girly fun!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

What a Couple of Hot Dogs

Happy belated Halloween. We had a few Halloweenies running around prompting giggles and, "Oh cute, it's a hot dog family!"-s out of the neighborhood. Trick or Treating was on Friday here, which was a day late and felt really weird.. but the kids filled their candy bags to the brim, and the weather was amazing so they didn't seem to mind one bit. They had a blast being the talk of the town...

I'll admit that when Ev declared she wanted to be a hock dog like her brother I was a tad bit disappointed.... really? you don't want to be some kind of princess or something slathered in glitter?... but that's just not her. This suits her much better, and she made one adorable dog.... especially after I spruced up her costume by adding 3d jelly (what she calls mustard) and some relish pieces... it made her look more like her brothers and apparently that was the goal this year....

Nakiah wanting to be a hot dog came as no surprise. He is not too cool to look silly or dance around and make people laugh. He's fun like that, I love that about him... and even better was the part where he didn't mind his siblings highjacking his costume idea. As long as Fritz could be one too Nakiah was good with it... "I look delicious!"...

Fritz didn't love the whole costume idea. I think he felt it was unfair we didn't allow him to chew his dog to bit and pieces. Cannibal.... 

Dez sat calmly and quietly in the stroller the whole time under his costume which actually doubled perfectly as a fluffy blanket. Winning! He definitely received the most compliments.... (Don't tell anyone, but I think he was the cutest hot dog that night.)

Now what to do with all of this candy........