Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Baby Girl

As I was editing layout photos today something dawned on me.... my baby girl is a total and complete tomboy in SO many ways, but when it comes to scrapping her 8 times out of 10 I will use the girliest products I have. Probably because she is the only chance I have to use these lovely things (since I still rarely scrap about me, and I'm not all that girly either.) 

Does it sort of misrepresent her a bit? I guess so, in a way. But you know what, if I can't dress her up in sparkles and tutus and do her hair all cute each day day then at least I can have some fun with layouts... when you have 3 boys and 1 girl I think the tendency is to want to go over the pinkalicious top.. I try, but scrapping is the only time I can get away with it. She doesn't seem to mind too much... I just asked her if she thought she looked pretty on this page and she said, "no way Mom, I'm not pretty, I look cool!" --Obviously. ;)

This also gives me an excuse to do cool stuff like make these triple layer butterflies... what do you think? Two punches of patterned paper layered under one of punched vellum. Soooo much girly fun!


  1. What a great layout!! Love it!! Your little gal is PRETTY cool! :) (I have one of those in my house too!)

  2. Very cool layout! I am the mother of 2 sons, and I rarely scrap about me. Thankfully my sister had a baby girl last summer and baby girl #2 is due in February AND I am her scrapper. Therefore I am getting my girly on!

  3. Whether pretty or cool, it doesn't matter, she simply adorable! :)