Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Project Life

Popping in quickly today to share some Project Life spreads with you. (I read recently on someones blog that whenever she sees other peoples PL stuff it puts her instantly to sleep... so, if you're like that this post is not for you! If you aren't, hopefully I still won't bore you!-- but I probably will.) (Man! I am self conscious about posting PL pages!! I think I'm over thinking this..)-- and now I return you to your regularly scheduled Project Life programming....

and that's it for today... thanks for stopping by... are you still awake?!


  1. I love your PL posts! I think they are the coolest and I am in awe that you put these together. I was so terrible at scrapbooking!

  2. OMGEE, green apple auger babies are thee best. I buy up to 6 boxes at a time. Everyone in my house needs there own box and of course I must hide a few boxes. These are the best movie candy too. Your PL layouts are FAB!