Monday, April 15, 2013

Cousins and a small panic attack

Pretty much the only bummer about moving to Lexington has been how much I miss being surrounded by family. Luckily I have a trip planned later this week to see my older sister in Cali (just me and Dez.. but, seriously, how crazy am I flying solo with a baby?) Anyway. We do have family in Virginia, which you know about. So every once in a blue moon we load up the car and drive the 6 plus hours to see each other.

Last time we were there we managed to get a group shot of the cuzzies that were there, so I scrapped that the other day....

I used the Studio Calico Spencer's kit. Pretty much just cut that paper into random sized banner pieces layered them and slapped on some embellishments. Went with my gut. Easy breezy.

Sorry if this post is a bit discombobulated... I attended Roller Derby bootcamp both days this past weekend (holy AWESOME, Batman.) and so I skated for 4 hours straight each day (and I have only been on roller skates like four other times in my life)(and my body feels like it ran 20 miles)... and I have a full blown cold (thank you, Hottie.)... aaaaand I am 99% sure that I broke my right thumb (the important one, since I'm right handed). So. Needless to say I am a bit preoccupied by what this all means for the rest of my week and traveling with a babe. (lord help me. serenity now, and all that.) Can't wait to update you all on the derby thing. I have so much to say about it.... but will wait until I have news on my thumb.

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  1. I understand what you mean about family. I am originally from Minneapolis and all of my family is still in MInnesota. I miss them LIKE CRAZY and want to move home all the time. If I'm lucky I get to see them once, maybe twice a year. Last year I went four time though, just me and Ruby. It was great!