Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Art Makes Me Happy

I now proclaim this: Makes Me Happy Week (explanation to follow). Today I start with art. Anything art related makes me happy. Everything in the art world fuels me, like creative sustenance for the soul. I can't overstate this. I see art in everything around me, everyday, and it makes me very happy to think about.

So when my roller derby league had it's second annual Art Auction Fundraiser I just knew I had to make something for it! It took me quite some time to decide what that would be. It's hard to narrow down what you want to contribute when your art interests in that area are so vast... but I knew I wanted to make something that no one else would think of... and something that would hopefully sell. Lets be real, my main goal was to make two pieces that would sell. (I was 100% nervous that they wouldn't!)

Being an artist, (still so cool that in life I can call myself that.. I dreamed about being an artist since I was 5) I find myself wanting to try new things. I've been wanting to try my hand at string art for quite some time. In fact the piece of wood below has been in my garage for over a year, waiting for me to stop being lazy put it to use. Now was the time. This is what I made... (sorry for the not great photo.. this is it on the wall of the gallery after it sold)

Yes! It sold!! Not only did it sell, but at $200, it was the highest selling piece of the evening. WOW! Talk about great big, warm my heart, all fuzzy inside, feelings! All kinds of people were complimenting it, and asking if they could commission their own. (uh, yes! Mama needs new skates! Custom orders are welcome!) No, really. I need new skates in a bad way and they're around $700. Please, throw money at me and I will make whatever you want!

And since the typography, handwritten stuff is so hot right now.. and I just happen to be pro at lettering (I literally had a job for years where all I did was hand write signs for Trader Joe's) (thus, totally pro).. I made these with sayings which apply to the league. They sold in a set of four, for $90. yaya! (sorry again for the rotten photo. I really didn't plan on sharing here.. cuz I thought they might not sell! haha)

So this made me think.... why am I not making more art? I mean, I had a ball working on these things. Even if they didn't sell (thank you, baby Jesus, they sold. phew. I told you I was nervous)... I enjoyed just the act of pushing myself outside of my little scrapbook bubble, and being artsy and fartsy. I used to do this a lot more when I was a Trader Joe's artist (I mean, obviously. It was my job.).. but lately it's really been missing in my life. and I forgot how happy it makes me to just be making art. 

So I bought a sketch pad, some calligraphy stuff, and some new markers. And I've started a little art journal. Somewhere to get out a few doodles a day, or fill with project ideas that will never be completed. and now that's making me happy too... and that's the real goal (more on that throughout the week.)


  1. I can't even tell you how much I love your string art sign. I want, no, NEED one. Seriously. What should it say? Create? Make? Email me. Let's talk :)

  2. Dude. Those rock! Your layouts rock too! Just thought I'd pop in and show you some love. :)

  3. This is seriously stunning artwork, so fun and bright.. love the colors!!!

    1. Thanks! You know I'm all about bright, rainbow colors!

  4. These are uber cool and beyond excellent projects!!! SO COOL that you made them!!! And that they sold!!! What a confidence booster to you and an inspiration to me to create outside of the box sometimes - I always come away from your blog with new ideas, resolves of things to try!!! Thank you!!!