Friday, February 10, 2012

Days Like These... *edited*

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"Days like these"...
Removed for Publication
(wouldn't you know it the day after I blogged this it got chosen for publication!)

Lately I have been trying to focus on the little things. I tend to get swept away in the busy-ness and frustrations of life. Overall I think of myself as a positive upbeat person...but I have my moments. Like last night when I was helping my 4th grader with his Mission report and had been up since 3am to work. I was not so patient and he was not so focused. Needless to say this did not go as well as it should have. I hate to admit this but I'm still shocked we didn't both end up in tears.

It's easy to get caught up in the stress, anxiety, and must-do's in life. I have make myself focus more on the wonderful moments around me. I have a pretty cool life in a lot of ways. And I do have the opportunity to enjoy and appreciate the little things and collect happy times.

Like the other day at the park.
Evareaux just lights up with pure joy every time she gets on a swing...
 Aidan is so, so, so good with her and that warms my heart to think about...
 I loved watching them play and even had to put down the camera to join in on the slide races...
 Even her electric shock slide hair makes me happy....

So. It's the little things. The simple days spent at home or doing things with each other. Nothing fancy or expensive or stressful. Just us....and of course my camera. :)

(BTW: Nakiah is not pictured because while we were killing time at the park he was at basketball practice.....don't worry, I am not holding a grudge over the report struggle last night....but he did drive me a little bonkers. just saying.)

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