Thursday, March 8, 2012

Minnie's House

Recently we found out big news about a move in our future. I will tell you all about it very soon. In the mean time I am in the business of collecting memories that are to be found in Southern California. Minnie's house is one of my favorite places here. I love watching Eveareaux explore her things. I love the bright colors, the cartoony possessions, and the nothing but cheeses in the fridge and Cos-mousepolitain in her magazine rack. So fun. Most of all I love that Minnie can always be found at her house, so long as Toontown is open.

 And then I can experience moments like these...

all photos edited using the Instagram
I'm really gonna miss this place.

Here is a layout I put together using all of those fabulous snapshots...

***Removed for Publication***

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