Saturday, March 17, 2012

Kentucky I Think I Love You

So we are moving.

From Orange County, California to Lexington, Kentucky. 

It's a big change. One that we are so excited for. One that we have been pining away for, for years. Now here it is, the chance to take a leap of faith. The opportunity to make a change. And we are going for it.

In fact, we are going for it so much that we are in Kentucky as I write this post. We have been hunting houses for the past two days. We've seen 20+ homes. We've driven around, checked out the local mall, enjoyed hearing the accent, scoped out the schools...etc. etc.

....And we found "THE ONE." The house we just can't live without. It's priced right...with the perfect yard, and the perfect amount of space (a RIDICULOUS amount of space compared to California)....a wonderful kitchen, a giant master tub (ahhhhhhh, I am realxing just thinking about it)...Our realtor (who I love) said that we would just "know" when we found the right fit, and she was right. The second she opened the door I had a feeling. Then as we began to make out way through I thought, "check, check, check." Everything was there. Everything was ready to move in. I could not stop smiling.

... and now I am beaming because as I am writing this post we received the call that we got the house.
We got the HOUSE! (I can't wait to share pictures!)

I Love you, Kentucky. So much!

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  1. That is so exciting!! And brave of you. It can be a huge culture shock - I moved from TN to WA. The upside: that was fourteen years ago and I've never wanted to go back! Can't wait to see pics of the new place and follow your exciting new journey!!