Monday, March 12, 2012

Scrapbook Trends

Hey ya'll. I found out some great news about a pending publication today...but then had to immediately remove the project from a recent post. (Of course I understand the need to do this. Magazines always want to be fresh and never seen before. But part of me gets a little bummed when I have just posted a photo of a project only to remove it days later.) Luckily I have one to replace it...sort of.

I realized I hadn't told you about my latest Scrapbook Trends publication. It was on page 91 of the February 2012 issue....

"Bad Hair Day"...

I thought it would be funny to do a layout based on a bad hair day. It's something most of us women dread (and with my curly hair, I have quite often). But somehow on babies and toddlers it is just plain adorable. I let my sewing machine run wild lines around the frame of this photo to support the theme.

When Evareaux saw her photo on the page she said "ooooooooh, Evawoah, maga-ZINE!" Ha! She is very impressed. That is until a few years from now when she realizes she was in a publication with crazy hair. :)

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