Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Things That Make You Go Pppppffpfpfpfpfpffffffphhh

Feeling a lot like this today...

You know that noise you make (that can most often be heard coming from a teenager)...the one where you breath out heavily and your lips sorta get in the way...and it sounds like....ppppfpppfpfppfpf. Yeah, that's what I'm doing today. A LOT.

We are moving an entire month earlier than we originally anticipated.

So. That means the kids need to leave school early.
We need to leave work early
(I am retiring by the way, more about that later).
We are saying goodbye to family members earlier than we planned.
Birthdays will have to be celebrated some other time....
the list goes on. and on. and ON.

I'm not gonna lie. It's Stressful (yes, capital "s")....and while I am generally a bright side kinda gal I am having a tough time weeding through the massive must do list...with huge decisions to be made like when to ship our stuff, and when exactly to pull the kids out of school, and when to fly out, and do we wait in a big empty house or wait here in an empty condo, and do we go together or split up?....pfffffph. So I am allowing myself today to make that uber-annoyed sound as many times as I deem necessary. Tomorrow is another day.

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