Monday, April 30, 2012

A Very Happy Un-Birthday To You

First I want to say a very special Birthday shout out to my sister in case she happens to read this today. "Holler at your girl! Happy Birthday!!"

Ok. Now on with the rest of the post. While I really should be spending time packing our bags for the week or more that we will be without all of our possessions I find myself wanting to blog. So here I am, blogging and procrastinating. We had a fun day yesterday. I threw a family birthday party for both Evareaux and Nakiah. Her actual birthday is on May first and his is on the 23rd. I wanted to do something so that the family could help us celebrate since we will be so far away so very soon. :( (This leaving family stuff is really getting to me.) :(

First I have to say that this kid is really amazing....

When I asked if he would mind if his joint party happened to have a Mickey Mouse theme he said he didn't.....and that he wanted it to be really special for his sister. Then when her big Minnie balloon popped he didn't bat an eye before offering her the special one he picked out for himself over to her. He is such a thoughtful kid. I can't believe that he is almost 10 and is so in tune to what would make the people around him happy. Seriously amazing, and it just comes naturally to him. I am so proud. When his real birthday comes Hottie and I will shower him with gifts because he deserves it!

Evareaux wanted three things for her big day.....Party hats, balloons, and Grandpa....and there he is, so her day was all set!...

She also refused to wear the outfit I picked out and chose to rock the tutu instead...until near the end of the day when she pulled it off and went commando (good thing it was just family.) I told everyone if we're not careful she'll end up in her birthday suit!

Can you believe that the grocery store bakery had a mini Mickey Mouse cake?! What luck! She couldn't quite blow her own candles out, but at least she got the basic idea and tried a few times....I totally get it, it's really hard to grin with delight and blow at the same time....

She was so excited about the Mickey cake but didn't want to ruin the design. So she ate it like a bread bowl and took a few bites right off of the top, avoiding any of the blue icing.

 It was a great day. The kids got some wonderful gifts that should help distract them from the big move. We also got to see lots of family (Which meant goodbyes I have been dreading. sniff,sniff.) But hey, we got the chance to come together and celebrate for these kids. That makes me happy.

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  1. Glad you got to celebrate your babies' birthdays... and say some goodbyes. That's going to be hard.'s a warm fuzzy for you!!! I've awarded you with a Liebster award. It's recognition for smaller blogs like ours, that don't have a billion followers..YET.
    Thanks for always being so fun to read!!