Sunday, January 4, 2015

Happy Christmas and Merry New Year

Today I wanted to take a few minutes to share some of my favorite Christmas moments. The holidays came and went like a flash. All I could do was attempt to slow down the days and cram in all of my Griswold-sized plans. Here's a little piece of what we did...

This shirt had Nakiah written all over it.. I mean, look at the selfie I was surprised with on my phone!

What's the best way to distract the kids from asking over and over, "can we open presents now Mom?? How about now?" Cold or not, I had to wear them out! They thought it was so funny to slide into little puddles. Hey, whatever works.

Puppy cuddles under the tree while we watch every Christmas movie we can find. :) 

Decorating (the ugliest) cookies, ever. Dez kept eating spoonfuls of sprinkles. That might be why he looks a little sick. ;)

Christmas Eve jammies. Matching! Thank you, Target.

"Mommy, Mommy, Santa came!" 

Dez swiping the leftover Santa cookies. This is my sweet tooth kid. He spent the rest of the day hunting down and secretly eating everyone's Christmas candies.

Sometimes you just have to stop, drop, and color. She's our little artist. Ev colored this magic ink book in one sitting, and uses her new art supplies daily.

Snicklefritz: "Hey lady. Do you know your son is wearing a pony outfit? Do you realize if you share this on your blog or Instagram he will hate you in 15 years?" Me: "You can't even see his face. There's no proof. Also, he's a Brony, it need to be documented."

And finally, I win Christmas with these gifts! (says me)..

Hottie is a serious Christmas Vacation fan. So I found these moose mugs and Griswold bobble head (yes!! bobble head!). Totally winning. 

and then I managed Santa brought these little candy dispensers that poop the candy. Why you ask? Number three on Nakiah Christmas wish list was, and I quote..."Candy. butt-loads-of candy." Ask and ye shall receive, my son.

For New Years Eve we made the great call to stay home and be lame adults. ;) It was perfect. I played board games with the kids for hours while Hottie worked and once he got home we ate pizza and played hide & seek. Then we put the littles to bed and binge-watched Homeland. So that's it! Just wanted to show you a little glimpse into our holiday shenanigans. I'm happy with the way 2015 is starting out. I hope you are too!


  1. Fun, fun and more fun!! Your love for and delight in your family shows here!! I am so glad you had a Happy Christmas and I hope your New Year will be full of wonderful things!!! Best wishes to you!!

    1. Thanks as always, Taunya... Best wishes right back at you!

  2. How fun. I loved reading this post and seeing the photos.

  3. I can't believe how big your youngest two are getting, seems like you were just pregnant with Desmond.