Sunday, January 25, 2015

Paper Camellia February Sneaks

You all know how much I love my Paper Camellia kits. I am so excited about being on the design team. I swear, just when you think no grouping of supplies could get any better, your mailman arrives (and rings the doorbell, and the dog goes cray, and the baby gets woken up after a 20 min nap. It's fine, I'm fine. I have a glorious kit now). Ria hits it out of the park every time. The February kit rocked my socks off, guys. Fo reals... like, where are my socks? My feet are cold. (that darn dog probably ate them. uh oh.)

But, seriously. I was able to make six (you heard me, SIX!) layouts. Plus, a pocket page spread. AND I still have supplies left over. Overachiever, you say? What's she trying to prove anyway, you wonder? I say, nay! It's the kit! It's just that good! I sat down the day it arrived and with a few wiggles of my nose, poof! The pages were done. (bet you didn't know I was a witch, huh.)

Anywho.. I'm sharing some sneaks today, but be sure to come back on February 1st for the full reveal ... and more hearts than you can even count. (Ok, you could probably count them all up if you really wanted to.. I mean, you're smart people, you know how to count.)

Ok! Now I have to go do laundry so I have some socks to wear. Sheesh! Who's in charge of laundry around here?? I'm very busy scrapbooking, and then Instagramming about scrapping, and then blogging about it. These socks aren't going to wash themselves, people!


  1. Loving these sneak peeks and I am super excited to see the full reveals!! Boy, oh boy I do think that kit must be something else since I am so in love with the items I see just in these sneaks!!! Such a great design team for you to be on!!! Have a wonderful weekend and we will look for your reveals on Feb 1rst!!!!