Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Help

I have a pile of printed Instagrams on my desk (hot tip: Walmart does them fairly cheap!) just begging to be scrapped. I keep pulling out my favorites and putting them on top.. and these two photos make me smile every time.

He was driving me bonkers that day... kid would not get out of my grill! I had a bunch of assignments on deadline but every time I sat down to work he would climb up beside me to try to "help." Funny how something that was so super annoying at the time can be this cute, happy memory in retrospect. He looks adorable in the photos, but I remember counting down the minutes to nap time that day... and feeling like a bad Mom for turning on the TV in an effort to distract him, and then being disappointed when it didn't work.

I wonder whats making me crazy right now that I will actually miss down the road? Toys everywhere? Drawn out night time tuck-ins? Endless puppy energy? A bottomless pit of laundry? Crumbs everywhere? One thing I know I won't miss is stepping on legos... cuz ouch. I digress. Here's a page...


  1. Awesome pictures and even AWSOMER perspective!!! Love visiting your blog- it always brightens my day - YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!