Friday, March 15, 2013


Forgot to tell you... this little dude got his two bottom teeth.

He's really thrilled about it. I think that's because he knows he's a big boy now and any day he'll be graduating high school and off into the world on his own..... 

I am not thrilled. Mostly because it means he's biting me at the end of nursing now as a friendly little signal that he's done.... or as a signal that he is much too busy for this nursing thing and wants to play whenever he hears his sister making noises (constantly)(seriously. he's like a dog. even when she's in the basement he perks up cuz he hears the fun happening in the distance.).

So. I'm pretty much constantly getting bit on the nipple people... and shouting (NO! OUCH! and other things I'm not proud of) at my baby like a crazy person and dreaming of the day when I can finally ship him off to college.

But in all honestly, his teeth are pretty cute..........

and I will be weaning soon.

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