Monday, March 25, 2013

Project Weight Loss Update

Time to catch you all up on my weight loss news.
So far I've lost 46 lbs. since having Dezmond.
31 of it since buckling down January 1st.

How am I doing this?
Blood. Sweat. Tears.
Ok, not really. Really it's just a ton of meal planning to set myself up for success. Trips to the gym. Crowbarring in workouts whenever possible. Saying no to temptation. Making consistent healthy choices. Eating regularly. Allowing myself one "free day" a week to eat/do whatever I want (and limiting this to one day only). Switching high calorie/sugar foods out for healthier versions. Telling myself that I am worth all of this hard work and dedication. Believing that I can be the best possible version of myself... and that I'm the only one who can make it happen.

If you've been following along you know that I have the Bluegrass Half Marathon this Saturday (bring it on baby!). I've been training hard and this will be my third half (I've also done a full marathon and a couple of 5k's). I feel so ready.... even though due to a high ankle sprain a lot of my training has been off the road and on machines and weights and in the zumba studio. :) I can't believe how much stronger and prepared that has made me feel for this as compared to my previous races. It will be interesting to see how it plays out on race day........

Yesterday I ran 10 miles (in the FUH-reezing cold rain) and today.....

I'm not even sore! Not one bit!

Here's some pictures of my progress....
I took these in the first week of my new healthy lifestyle....

These were taken yesterday....

When I started this process on New Years Day I remember feeling like I really wanted to lose 40, but like that would be really hard and maybe not even possible. So I focused on smaller weight loss chunks. I took it five pounds at a time and eventually it all began to add up. 46 lbs. is a huge loss, but honestly my goal is to lose another 20 to be at the fittest/healthiest weight possible.

Over the next couple of months I will focus on dialing in and fine tuning my nutrition. Balancing a work out plan that is fun, builds muscle tone, and is most importantly doable with my role as wife and Mom. I feel really incredible for what I have been able to accomplish this far... but really I can't wait to see how much further I can take this.

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