Monday, March 18, 2013

So You

Thought I'd share a quick layout today. This is a great example of getting lots of photos on a single page.. I find myself snapping several photos in succession whenever the kids are making funny faces or telling a story. I love how you can look back at the photos later and they are just so "them," infused with unique personality.

Nakiah made the observation that sometimes looking through my iphoto is like flipping through a flip book. You see the slightest movements creating an action. I might play with this idea soon and do something with Dezmond rolling in slow motion. (He rolls from back to front in about .2 seconds now! I swear he's going to be crawling, like, tomorrow. yikes.)

(PS-I can't stop using that black and white Echo Park patterned paper! I am down to one last little strip. Does that ever happen to you?)

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