Friday, March 22, 2013

not "the one" but so much better

If you're a Mom I'm sure you can share my plight in the endless pursuit of, "the one." You know, the one good photo of your kids that you just happened to be lucky enough to capture. The one where they look all perfect and harmless and not rotten at all..............

When it comes to my kids I take several (or even more than several) photos of them in an attempt to get the one. Let's be real though, people. Pulling this off is rare. These squirly little sprites get distracted, pull on each other, tickle, look at each other to make sure the other one is smiling properly at the camera, pick their noses (whose kids are these anyway? so gross)... and even sometimes end up falling down and giggling their fool heads off, forgetting what they were supposed to do in the first place. (Um. Helllloooo, trying to take a picture here!) 

Sometimes when I'm on the hunt for that perfect photo I get something so much better. Photos infused with unmistakable personality... so utterly them right now. Much like the outtakes at the end of a movie they become my favorite part.

Maybe one day I'll get a perfect photo of all four of my kids smiling sweetly and calmly at the camera without any dirt on their clothes or food in their teeth......  hair perfectly coiffed, shirts tucked in, outfits matching..... sitting up straight and being still.... they won't be bugging each other or annoying me at all (and then I'll know that it was totally rigged.)

ironic side note: Ev's shirt says "No Pictures Please."

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  1. I figure that about 1 out of every 100 pictures I take of Ruby will be superbly awesome. It could be her being super sweet, throwing a tantrum, or doing something mischievous but whatever, they are all HER and how she is at that moment. I love them all.

    Ruby has those same rain boots, she loves them :)