Thursday, March 21, 2013

Going Mad

My Mom is in town and is a HUGE college basketball fan. More specifically, a HUGE Gonzaga basketball fanatic. And when I say HUGE I mean: googles obscure video footage of the Zags, buys every single shred of printed material involving the Zags, and rests her head on a bulldog pillow under a Zags comforter set at night (but only this week since she is staying in Nakiah's bed) :). Her fan-mania knows no bounds. Well. Long story short, the NCAA March Madness tournament started today so we are, and will be, watching a lot of basketball in the next couple of weeks.

We've already managed to scream at the tv so loud (my Mother is best known for almost breaking her ankle while jumping up and down for a Denver Broncos regular season game........ while watching it at home in her own living room. Let's just say she gets really into the games...and maybe even thinks that she's actually the one coaching them....)(Not gonna lie to you.... she's a little cray)(Don't worry, she doesn't read this crappy little blog... so I could pretty much write anything I want to about her right now)(did I mention she's kinda nuts?) that Dezmond got totally freaked and cried louder then I even knew he was capable of. Poor kid. (He better get used to it because the further the Zags advance the more serious this tournament gets.) It's madness.


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