Saturday, March 2, 2013

Party of 5. and a half.

Here is a throwback photo (wow, belly. Just. wow.) on a recent layout. 

While I was prego I just kept thinking how strange it was that we were about to be a family of 6. SIX! Yeah. We take up so much space at restaurants, ya'll. It's bananas. I still get totally weirded out when we load up the car to go somewhere or are walking around as a family. There are just SO many of us! haha, I'm a weirdo. Maybe one day I will get used to being a party of six.

On another note, I ran a really rad 5k this morning with my sister in law. It was so much fun and I have pictures to share so I'll do that soon. Sadly my little niece came down with croup overnight and they are with her in the hospital now (she's doing ok. just scary. and needing breathing treatments and observation.) so we have a house full of kiddos and only two adults..... lets hope they don't realize we are outnumbered. needless to say we have our hands full. ... and I can't stop worrying about poor Cambry.... isn't it the worst when the little ones are sick?

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