Thursday, November 29, 2012

Serenity Now

If any of you are Seinfeld fans you can imagine exactly how I sound walking around all day yelling, "serenity now!" a la George Castanza..... Ev has been a total handful lately. So I'm snatching this opportunity to remind myself to take the bad with the good.... even though she has been kicking my @$$ with her toddler-geddon ways.... she still has her cute & sweet moments.... sometimes. ;)

Obviously I scrapped this on a "good" day....ha! Good thing I have this to look back on.

Seriously.... keeping it real.... as I was typing this she spilled a full cup of orange juice on the stairs and then declared she needed lemonin (lemonade)..... while wearing the cutest elf hat on the planet. ugh. I'm beginning to understand why they say sugar and spice. It toggles randomly between the sweetest and most frustrating moments all day long.... 

Like when she did this....

Yes, it's cute. She used her naptime as a chance to evaluate her wardrobe and don every single pair of pajama pants she owns. (9, if you're wondering.) But it's also frustrating because- a.)she typically refuses to wear pants, even to bed (but will wear 9 pairs simultaneously during "nap time"?!) b.)she has destroyed her room (now you see what I refer to as toddler-geddon) c.)notice the photo is snapped through a hole where the doorknob should be? I had to take it off because she locked herself in and then yelled, "I have to go potty Mommy!" in a frantic voice.... she didn't have to go, btw.... (I swear she does this stuff just to mess with me.)

I don't remember any of these challenges with my son. Did I block them out? Was I too busy working to be annoyed with his antics? Are boys just easier than girls? Not sure what it is... but I'm really hoping it's a phase.... or she may have some explaining to do when she sees Santa!

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  1. I love all the little hearts! Great LO and adorable photos!