Thursday, November 8, 2012

Everything But The Kitchen Sink

Sometimes I have a layout where it just feels right to throw everything in... Twine. Wood Veneer. Buttons. Vellum. Ribbon. Stamps. Brads. Even a Bingo Chip. Anything goes. This was one of those projects...

I just felt like the page needed to have some kind of action involved... The embellishments remind me of the excitement in her movements and the silliness in her voice... like, hey! look over here! In my mind I can remember the exact moment I snapped the photo... she had dressed herself in a Jessie t-shirt, zebra capris, two different shoes... and was dancing around the living room with her Toy Story plushies giggling about the hilarity of it all.

Lately her personality has really begun to come out. She loves to make us laugh and will stop at almost nothing to do so.... and she gets us every time cuz she is just say dang CUTE!

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