Saturday, November 24, 2012

Turkey Coma

Thanksgiving was a huge success. I was a teensie bit nervous about ruining everyone's turkey day with burned gravy, frozen green bean casserole, or the biggest tragedy of all.... not enough food. ;) Thankfully (pun intended) it went off without a hitch. Even when we realized Hottie's turkey was done two hours earlier than expected (this was our first big bird) I reacted seamlessly by sliding the side dishes in the oven. (Because in a stroke of pure genius I had prepped them ahead of time. GENIUS I tell you.) The food was a hit, and even though mine was cold (too busy giving Dez his own kind of feast) I too felt it really was delicious.

It was also my niece Cambry's first birthday. Warmed my heart to see so much family gathered around to witness her dipping her toes in the cake... felt good to be together for her special day.

We've had some fun times together... black friday shopping "together" (on all of our electronic devices while sitting around the table for a day and a half), ping pong tournament (turns out I am a pretty decent ping pong player, who knew?), firework show, Christmas light extravaganza... (almost all of which I was too busy to take photos of)...

I don't have a single complaint about this Thanksgiving weekend. It made me really happy to be surrounded by so much family.... even if it is a lot of mouths to feed. (and there were things I didn't think about ahead of time... like so many cups on the counter!) So glad that we were able to make these kinds of memories for our first holiday in our new home. I will never forget it, and am grateful that we had family willing to travel so far to make it special.

There is something I love about being in charge of the planning, and trying to make everyone happy and comfortable.... especially if it all works out. It's just so satisfying to my soul. Hopefully there will be a lot more big happy holidays to host in my future. I can finally fully grasp what Hottie is picturing when he talks about having lots of kids and a full house for the holidays... and I am totally on board.

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