Wednesday, November 28, 2012


With December knocking on our door I realized that I have neglected to mention something. I LOVE FALL! After living in SoCal for the past 10 years I had forgotten what fall really felt like. The crisp air. The stunning change of the leaves. Crunching with every step. (I have a silly obsession with crunching leaves.... the only way I can describe how it makes me feel is to say that it makes my soul smile.... strange, but true.) I had every intention of making a couple of layouts to profess my love for my new old love, fall. It just hasn't happened yet. 

Luckily I took photos, so I will share those with you now....

Now almost every last leaf has fallen and we wake up to the spectacular white sparkle of frost on every inch of our yard... a sign that winter is upon us. I say bring on the snow, I can hardly wait. This seasons thing is kind of amazing.

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