Sunday, December 2, 2012

Belly Laughs

One thing I love to do in life is laugh. I throw my head back in wild abandon and chuckle with the best of them... usually very loudly.... (unless you really get me going and then you won't hear a sound... instead you'll just see my face twisting and contorting as I gasp for air and weez... I've dubbed this the Grandpa belly always hurts afterwards... and I've probably peed my pants (kidding)(mostly) :)) I don't care that I'm the loudest laugher in the room, I do nothing to stifle or hold back.... I'm not ashamed that I almost can't contain my giggle before I manage to force the next joke out of my mouth...

We love to laugh around here... we do it easily and as often as possible.
In our family giggles are contagious.... 

 Even Mister Dezmond has caught the bug.

That's the thing about a good laugh. It cures what ails you... even if sometimes it's only temporary relief. No matter what curve balls life throws, or how many things I might have to be sad about, there is always a smile and a laugh around the next corner.... life is too short to be sad and so I choose to be happy as much as I possible... and maybe that will be contagious too.

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